Reformatting Your Relationship with the Earth

Lucia René

Where does your allegiance lie? With the Earth or with her peoples?

Certainly, the vast majority of us would proclaim some kind of loyalty to the planet. We are grateful that the Earth hosts us upon her body. We recognize that she has endured massive desecration, at the hands of the Patriarchy, as the 5,000-year learnings around power have played out upon her surface. We protest, inwardly or outwardly, to put an end to the mindset of “dominion over the Earth”. Yes, of course. We know things have to change and we support the Earth in her healing.

But is that the whole story?

To answer that question, you need to look deep within your being and evaluate your level of attachment.

If you are “attached”, it indicates that you are still playing on the field of duality; you’re still willing to hold polar opposites in your awareness field; you’re attracted by certain things and repulsed by others. Since the grand, underlying polarity in this system of duality is Love/Fear, I suppose another way of stating it is to say, you are still allowing Fear to run your life.

So what is your answer to the question: “Where does your allegiance lie? With the Earth or with her peoples?” What if the Earth needs to move and change in order to facilitate her healing process? Is your answer, “I support the Earth healing herself, but only if my family and I are safe, and my home isn’t affected, and, by the way, I would hate to see anyone get hurt…”

To my mind, this mindset snacks of Victim/Tyrant consciousness. As though, something can happen to me without my consent. As in, I don’t trust that the Universe orchestrates everything perfectly. This mindset indicates a basic misunderstanding about the nature of existence here on Planet Earth.

We live on a planet of Free Will. We constantly choose our experiences. Those choices may arise out of our unconscious, i.e., we may not be aware of them with our conscious mind. Indeed, most people on the planet live in a frightening unconsciousness manner. But our higher self knows precisely what we are here to experience in this lifetime and continually makes astute choices for the lifestream. We pull everything: the conditions of our birth, the conditions of our death, and all of our experiences in-between.

So to assume otherwise, with regard to our own lifestream, is to pretend to be a Victim. To assume we know better than someone else’s higher self, what their choices should be, is to play God, to act out the Tyrant in the Victim/Tyrant polarity. Or, to play the Savior to what we perceive as someone’s victimization. In spiritual lingo, we call it “running a savior program”.

Where does your allegiance lie? With the Earth or with her peoples? If the Earth needs to move in order to heal herself, will you align yourself with her?

Perhaps you would like to consider that question at a deep level.