Resistance is Futile

Lucia René

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There’s really not a whole lot one can say about the energies that have kicked in since the December 2012 Solstice—except they are ever-shifting.

At the moment of the Solstice, I perceived that structure became fluidity. Not any structure in particular, but rather that the paradigm of structure—structure that had characterized the patriarchal era with all of its hierarchies and controls, the operating system as we knew it—melted into formlessness.

The moment was so incredibly subtle and abstract that, had I not been meditating at that precise instant, scanning the inner planes, I would have missed it. I think a lot of spiritual seekers did miss it. And that led to a huge wave of disappointment that swept the globe. “That was it?” “We’ve prepared all this time for the 2012 Shift and you can’t do any better than that?”

I had that reaction myself. I had hoped for something at least a little more dramatic!

But it would seem that the drama is only now unfolding. It’s the drama of “I can’t hold onto my structures anymore” that we experience in our daily lives and read about in the news. Things just aren’t working the way they used to, and any attempt to force them to work in an old-paradigm way is blowing up in our faces. Have you noticed?

There are simply fields of shifting energies. Nothing is vertical anymore. Things are flattened out and more horizontal. And it’s hard to even describe the energies because we really don’t have a vocabulary for them yet.

I’m sensing it may be easier to take a reading once we get to the Spring Equinox. Until then, it feels as though things are just supposed to shift and change—giving us, of course, the opportunity to shift and change—until they morph into some semblance of a new-paradigm foundation. I hesitate to use that word, foundation, but don’t know what else to call it. Stabilized fluidity?

The one thing I can say for certain is that there is an ever-present resonance that may be best described as integrity. Anything in our lives that is out-of-integrity must change now; otherwise it is highly uncomfortable as it bounces around like crazy through this unforgiving field of integrity.

We are being asked to scrutinize our experiences: Where am I holding on? How am I still trying to control things? Was that action dominated by self-importance? Did I manipulate that situation?

We are being invited to slow down, watch, and open ourselves to transformation. Transformation is now facilitated at the speed of light, but we need to have the humility to open to it and welcome it in.

So how are you doing on a 1-to-10, rigid-to-fluid scale these days? Have you surrendered to the new, ever-shifting energies? Have you figured out that resistance is futile?