Birth of the New Paradigm

Lucia René

I have been relentlessly clocking energetic developments since the June 2016 Soltice and, finally, a more robust picture has emerged.  The major milestones have been:

  • The setting of the Earth’s frequency and vibration at the June Solstice.
  • The six-month period of humanity’s opportunity to atune to the Earth’s frequency/vibration.
  • The encapsulation of the old paradigm, 3-D world at the beginning of November.
  • The energetic collapse of form/structure into its most basic component at the December Solstice.
  • The energy of ecstasy that has been accruing as we have stepped across the threshold of the December Solstice, the birth of the New Paradigm.

Have you been able to tap and appreciate the new, more refined energies that have been present since this last Solstice? What about the ecstasy, the optimism for the future? If you are embroiled in an emotional reaction/process, of course, those more refined qualities will be obscured. But what about in your quiet moments?

blog-particles-of-a-manWe may be facing a challenging 2017/2018 in the 3-D world. With an overarching energetic of all form and structure wanting to collapse back into its most basic component—particles of pure consciousness, the stuff of Source—everything from the most subtle egoic structure to the physical structure of the Patriarchy is now up for review. That includes belief systems, religious doctrines, spiritual doctrines, egoic polarities…

Perhaps this time will become known as The Great Falling Apart.

How exactly this will play out, we must wait and see. The best preparation is always to be totally present in the moment. And that can only happen when you free of your emotional baggage and egoic structure.

But the tools and techniques we have in our tool chest, in order to dismantle our emotional baggage and egoic structures, function with far more speed and precision now. At this juncture, dismantling is the name of the game.

So if your house in order—if you have a daily meditation practice to still the mind, an understanding of how polarities are held within your field, and a good emotional/vibratory processing technique to still the emotional body—it should be clear sailing ahead.

Polarities in consciousness—such as self-importance/insecurity and victim/tyrant—are no longer luxuries we can afford. The absence of the tools we use to eradicate them—meditation and processing—are absolute necessities of life. We’re playing hard ball now, having moved from the neighborhood softball field to the major leagues.

In addition to being present in the moment, navigating 2017 will require the proper tools in your tool chest, a complete willingness to let go of egoic blockages, and spiritual street-smarts, as well as balance and detachment.

How are you doing on all of those fronts?


NOTE: To listen to the teleconference where Lucia expanded this topic, please visit our free Library’s Public Teleconferences page and look for Birth of a New Paradigm on 1/07/17.