Z Riding the 9D Wave Talks

July 19, 2020

Lucia’s introduction to the Riding the 9D Wave series.

9D_20-07-19_Riding_the_9D_Wave_Intro.mp3 (23 min)


July 26, 2020
Energetic News, Instructions for Transmissions & More

  • The energetic news
  • The 4 steps to implementing emotional processing in your life
  • How being a Creator Being is analogous to directing your own movie
  • Her commitment to facilitate Enlightenment over the next 10 years
  • Technical instructions on receiving a Transmission of Light on Zoom

9D_20-07-26_Riding_the_9D_Wave_Talk.mp3 (35 min)


August 8, 2020
Elaboration on Creator Beings & More

  • What evidence do we have we are Creator Beings?
  • A Ramana Maharshi documentary about self-enquiry & transmissions
  • The world energetic news

9D_20-08-08_Riding_the_9D_Wave_Talk.mp3 (28 min)
Ramana Maharshi YouTube


August 23, 2020
Journey into the 7th Dimension

This is the Zoom video of this meeting, rather than an audio. Please note that the YouTube is private and says in the description:

“This video contains a guided meditation into the 7th dimension. Additionally, energetic news before and Q&A afterwards. This video is private, for the LuciaRene Riding the 9D Wave series, as it contains footage of all attendees in gallery mode during the Q&A. Please do not share outside of our group.”



September 6, 2020
Open-Eye Transmission

This is the entire Zoom meeting, including the talk, the open-eye transmission, and discussion of transmission afterwards. This video is private to our group.