September Equinox and Lunar Eclipse

Lucia René

I think we are all integrating big changes. The past September equinox and lunar eclipse was ultra-powerful. It was as though everything got a good shake then the pieces spilled out and we are still waiting to see what new shape they want to take.

During the blood moon portion of the eclipse, it took me awhile to identify precisely the feeling. After a half hour, I got it. When Rama, my teacher in this and other lives, first began going into Nirvakalpa Samadhi, we would sit for very long meditations with him–one, sometimes two hours at a stretch. But the time was irrelevant. We were outside of time. And there was this beautiful feeling that all was right with the world. 

This was the precise vibration of the blood moon, and I trust that, indeed, all is right with the world at this juncture.

After reading my blog, a friend forwarded this to me. So stunning! Hope you enjoy…