Spiritual Street Smarts

Lucia René

   This blog has been translated into Chinese, Polish and Spanish.

Rama, who was my spiritual teacher in this lifetime, ‘cycled’ many times in his enlightenment process. Each time his energy became more refined and vibrated at a higher frequency, resulting in a more powerful configuration. If you were one of his apprentices, your vibration would increase in relationship to his. When he cycled, you cycled too.

This made some people feel right at home and others very uncomfortable. Rama always encouraged those who were uncomfortable to go off in search of a more suitable spiritual organization. And always, after they moved on, the vibration in the meeting hall felt different.

We would show up at our next sangha gathering and Rama would say, “See how different the energy is now?” And it was. The week before, with so many uncomfortable people, the energy had been discombobulated and heavy. Once they had departed, the energy felt serene and clear.

There was nothing wrong with those people who had been uncomfortable. They were simply no longer in their element. It was time for them to move on and study something different—something more aligned with their current vibration.

This is precisely what is happening now on the planet. Earth is cycling up. Her energy is becoming more and more refined, her configuration more powerful. The difference in our planetary situation, and that of Rama’s spiritual organization years ago, is that now, as we move into the eleventh hour of the ascension process that culminates in 2012, there’s no place to go! It’s not as simple as being part of a spiritual organization and choosing to leave. As the vibration of the earth accelerates, we do too. And that’s making many people extremely uncomfortable.

It’s as though you are driving down the freeway, stepping on the accelerator, and someone in the passenger seat is applying the hand brake. This doesn’t bode well for the car or the people riding in it.

But that’s the situation we find ourselves in as we approach the June 21 solstice. Everyone is psychic. Everyone is sensing big changes in the air. And many are going into fear, clinging to denial, or desperately trying to tune things out.

So I would postulate that, if you are reading this blog, you are someone who is fairly comfortable with moving full speed ahead. If you have been feeling discombobulated or edgy, it may not be you. It may be the masses applying the hand brake.

I was walking down the street the other night, after having dinner at a restaurant, considering going to the movie theatre. But there was edginess in the air. People weren’t watching where they were walking. Some people weren’t even cognizant I was there. My inner voice said, “get in your car and go home”. And I did.

Time to be aware. Time to heed our inner voice. Time to know when to move out into the world and when to retreat into our private space. Not because we are afraid. But because we are spiritually street smart.

The eleventh hour of the ascension process is upon us and, like it or not, the planet and her people are cycling up.