Spotlight on Female Collaboration

Lucia René

This blog has been translated into FrenchDutchGerman and Chinese.

My sole objective in writing Unplugging the Patriarchy was to help women stand in their power. Since its release in December 2009, I have postulated the following theory:

  1. Women are on the front lines of consciousness in the ascension process
  2. One women who changes herself, changes the world
  3. Female collaboration is the key to a faster, more graceful ascension

I have been testing my theory in two ways: through my Mystical Counsel teleconferences and my FaceBook group, Women Standing in Their Power.

In Mystical Counsel, we have been exploring the power of the group mind. Each woman on our teleconference honors, supports, holds space for, and facilitates the healing of the woman who steps forward to process an issue. We have learned that when we direct our unified focus on her, huge blockages move quickly and efficiently. Not only does the woman processing the issue experience a release, but generally most of the women on the call experience it as well. A huge shift occurs—in the group and, therefore, in the collective consciousness.

Many of the women who participate in Mystical Counsel are also members of our FaceBook group. Here, we are taking the power of our female collaboration and applying the same unified focus to world affairs.

Initially, the group discussed hot patriarchal topics of the day: GMOs, chemtrails, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, fluoride, and so on. We decided to begin by focusing on one GMO-company. We formed a female ring of power, processed our judgments about their GMO activity, agreed that our aim was to remove darkness from the company by bombarding it with light, and called in support from beings in other realms. We set an intention. And then we set to work.

Repeatedly in meditation, we focused our attention on the company. Its stock price fell. Its stock price rose. Some days we felt hopeful and on other days we were discouraged. It was hard to tell if our efforts were making a difference.

Until last week.

A German woman in the group reported that she had been using a dowsing technique to monitor the vibration of the GMO-company. Her work relates to the theories set forth in Power vs. Force, a book by Dr. David R. Hawkins, published in 2002.

Hawkins measured and categorized levels of human consciousness. His scale ran from 1 to 1,000. He determined that the average human consciousness was at about 220. At this level, he felt consciousness began to transition from negative to positive. A positive person measured at around 400. Lightworkers were at about 500. At 600, consciousness took a giant leap forward—love colored all activities, creativity came into full expression, and altruism became the motivating factor. By his calculations, only 4% of the world’s population exhibited this level of consciousness, but to counterbalance entire populations at lower levels, very few at this level were required.

Shortly after beginning our FaceBook group meditations at the end of September, the GMO-company calibrated at 175. By October 10, it was up to 200. After our last group meditation teleconference on October 23, it rose to 223—just above the level at which Hawkins determined consciousness transitions from negative to positive!

Of course, the light that is being directed at the company affects everyone who works for it. At the beginning of our project, the consciousness of the CEO vibrated at 180. By October 10, he was up to 300. Knowing that the consciousness of the CEO sets the tone for the entire company, we devoted meditation time exclusively to him. Immediately afterward, he measured at 455!

Can you say “women standing in their power?” Can you say “women changing the world?”

Of course, some of this rise in consciousness is due to the ascension process itself. The vibration of the Earth is speeding up. We are being forced—like it or not—to change on a daily basis.

Tests, done by those who have expanded on Hawkins’ work, show that the average human consciousness, which was 223 in 2005, shot up to 500 in 2009. And it is now approaching 600! Lightworkers have begun measuring at 700, 1,000, or even 2,000! As a lightworker, with these high measurements, you balance out millions of less developed souls on the planet.

Take heart! Know that your light work is having an impact. Know that anyone who is willing to do the inner work of changing her or himself changes the world.

And, if you are a woman, for God’s sake, form a ring of power and collaborate! It is absolutely key at this time.