Steady as She Goes – Update #1 – Prep time

Lucia René

Things have been a bit shaky today (Monday, 18 December, 2017). But that’s because there’s lots of solar flare activity. Tomorrow as well. Easy does it. It takes a toll on the embodiment. I generally caution myself to take silence until the chaotic energies pass.

These solar flares are good. They are shaking things loose. Both at a planetary and a personal level. So let them shake you up, then process whatever arises. This week is going to be intense in terms of clearing.

I’m watching the most marvelous military strategy in alternate dimensions. Last week was all about preparation: updated intel, plans being revised, troops briefed. So many beings from other star systems—those who originally contributed star seed material to jumpstart the experiment. Here to assist Earth this week. Here to turn the final page of the book entitled, “How to Derail an Experiment in Consciousness”.

But that’s okay. We’ve learned loads as the result of the derailing. Much more than we would have learned had the original experiment been allowed to unfold. So, many thanks to the Anunnaki, et al.

This morning, the energy shifted from preparation to ships loading up and moving into formation. What formation is not important. They know exactly what they’re doing. They’re masters at this and, now that we’ve made it crystal clear we’re open to their aid, they are going to take care of what’s on their plate with the utmost impeccability.

Everyone in the galaxy who is anyone is here! The cosmic bleachers are filled to capacity with those who have come to witness the grand turning point in the experiment, the day the limiting construct in consciousness—the Matrix, the artificial diety construct, the hell words, etc, etc—gets dismantled. And once that happens, watch out! The Eden energy of the original experience comes fully back online. Now that will be a day to celebrate!

But coming back down to Earth. Boots on the ground. The more practical stuff. What about you? What is your take on all of this?

If you are an energy worker who has come to serve the planet, you’re jumping into the air, clicking your heels. How many people, in the past week, have I heard say, “This is what I came for!”? Definitely a week to minimize activity and hold space for what is transpiring at a planetary level.

As one who is here for her second tour of duty, I’m ecstatic. End game. The realization of everything we’ve worked for. And then some.

I just keep inviting things into my field and watching my consciousness expand as a result. My mantra is “Resist Nothing”. In November, it was all of the dark forces and evil on the planet. More recently, it has been the entire limiting construct in consciousness.

The vibration of these things is horrific. They feel awful. But then I remember my mantra. I acknowledge the presence of the energies, welcome them, allow them to merge into my field, let the energies change and move, and, finally, watch them melt into Nothingness. Then, with time, the bliss of expanded consciousness.

Long years of emotional processing to reach the point where I can do that. But now-a-days, it’s super easy. When you get triggered, just stop, sit with it, feel it, and offer it up.

Say, “I don’t want this emotional baggage/egoic structure/control issue any longer. I own completely that this is mine. I own that it is my conditioned response. I take full responsibility for my process. But I offer this constriction in my body to the Universe. Please sweep it away this week, along with all of the other debris, that is not in resonance with higher consciousness on Earth, that is being swept away.”

That’s what this week is about—clearing, purifying, releasing accumulated baggage. Final clearance sale, my friends. Everything can go.

Much love & support to you…