Steady as She Goes – Update #3 – Safe harbor

Lucia René

Well, welcome to New Earth!

The December Solstice 2017 was radical beyond belief. If you’ve chosen to take up residence in New Earth, then congratulations. We have arrived and have melted into an ecstatic, humbling quietude that is beyond words.

Perhaps, in January 2018, I will have found some words, and we can get together, on a teleconference, where some of my collaborators and I can reveal to you the entirety of what we were clocking in other dimensions.

For those who have rejected New Earth, hmmm. What to say? They’ll be sorting things out in the physical for awhile, reacting to old patterns they still hold in their ego-minds that they assume are still the status quo, and having a miserable go of it. Stick around, fight the New Earth energy, endure much suffering, then die? Or, sync up, little by little, using the new, pristine energies to release the old, limiting constructs. Either way, it’s all good at this point.

To all of the energetic workers who helped to make this happen, may I, on behalf of the Universe, say, “Deep gratitude. Deep bow.” We all prepared, endured, and, in the end, played our roles impeccably.

According to my seeings, we held the ship perfectly steady, only to look down and observe that the waters beneath her were not stormy after all. But rather an endless stretch of calm seas glinting with the reflection of the entire cosmos.

Rest now. We are in a time of sorting. And that may last a little while. We must wait and see, then move forward when the omens are right.

May I wish you the happiest of holidays. We couldn’t ask for a nicer holiday gift than the one we just received!

Thank you for sharing 2017 with me. I appreciate your readership. Let’s meet up again in 2018 and begin to navigate New Earth, shall we?