Welcome to the Store, where you can find out how to purchase products, through Lucia’s company, Crown Chakra Publishing.

Below, you’ll find a concise list of products that capture her work—her book, her DVD, several work-study courses, and more…

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Private Consultations

Lucia offers a limited number of Private Consultations each month. To work with Lucia on a one-on-one basis, certain prerequisites apply.

The cost of a first-time private is $300. Follow-up privates are $250.  You can learn more about privates, and the prerequisites, on her Private Consultations page.



Unplugging the Patriarchy Book

For complete information on Lucia’s book, including sample chapters, reviews, and more, visit

Lucia’s book may be purchased in 2 ways:

  • Order the book from Amazon or Barnes&Noble.  Also from other bookstores by asking them to contact Ingrams distribution.
  • Purchase the eBook in PDF format for $7.00.


Processing Course

To learn the processing techniques Lucia used to unplug her energies from the Patriarchy, peruse three course modules on the Processing Course page.

Modules include Mystical Counsel for emotional processing ($55), Women Standing for vibratory processing ($60), and No Woman Left Behind for guided-meditation processing ($65)


Female Conditioning DVD

There are 2 ways to purchase Lucia’s Women Standing in Their Power DVD where she details the 12 female archetypes handed down from the Matrilineal era that were fractured, polarized, and corrupted during the Patriarchy

  • Buy a copy for $70 plus shipping and handling.
  • Stream the video for $70.

For detailed information, visit the Female Conditioning DVD page.


Mother Divine Course

To learn details about the 9-hour audio course, where Lucia opens up a field of Mother Divine energies, so you can soak in its subtleties, listen to Lucia’s 38-minute course introduction, then purchase by visiting our website page for Mother Divine—The Re-Emergence ($40).



Ancient Templates 91-94

Snowflake-300x225After receiving the first 90 Ancient Templates, which are free, most people want to round out the experience by getting the last four: 91) Formlessness 92) Timelessness 93) Universal Mind containing emptiness and 94) Universal Mind containing all of existence.

To make a donation ($33, $100, or $150) and receive these advanced templates, please visit the Ancient Templates page.


12D Processor Tool


The techiest thing in the store is the 12D, a device that Lucia installs in your subtle-physical body, that can be programmed to accelerate your evolution and explore all 12 dimensions.

To learn how the 12D Processor came into being and to read about its benefits, visit the 12D Processor page. The price of the 12D is $444.