Store Policy

Placing an Order

Placing an order with Crown Chakra Publishing, Lucia’s company, is quick and easy…

  1. Either visit the various product pages in the Offerings menu and look for the purchase buttons that follow each product description.
  2. Or, if you know exactly what product you want, visit our Store, then follow the links to the various product pages.

Paypal LogoPurchases are made using PayPal.  Once on the PayPal website, you can use your credit card or PayPal account.

All purchases generate an automated email which you should receive within a few minutes of your purchase.

Purchase Problems

Purchase problems for live teleconferences are processed up until 1/2 hour prior to the actual teleconference.

Purchase problems for all other products are processed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays excluding US holidays, such as New Year’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

All purchases generate an automated email. If you do not receive your email, there may be a few explanations:

  • The email went into your SPAM folder.
  • You have a different email address registered with PayPal and the email went to that address.
  • You are not recognizing the Sender of the email, which is  (If you purchase on Lucia’s site often, consider adding to your email contact list).
  • The email actually did not arrive. This sometimes happens with,,, and For some unknown reason, these providers simply discard the email.

If, after troubleshooting the above possible problems you have questions about the status of your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Return Policy

Your purchase of a teleconference is a Final Sale, i.e., it is not refundable (for money) exchangeable (for another product), or transferable (to another person).  If you are unable to attend in real-time, the link for the teleconference becomes the link for the replay.

Private Consultations are not refundable and if you must cancel your appointment within the 48-hour window prior, or if you do not attend your session, there is an additional $35 charge to reschedule.

Live Event and Retreat deposits are refundable only up until 45 days before the event. Your refund will be for the deposit amount minus clerical handling fees, as well as PayPal transaction fees and currency conversion fees, if applicable.

If you are not satisfied with any other product Lucia offers, please let us know the reason within 30 days of purchase and we can process a refund via PayPal, less PayPal processing fees and clerical fees.

Spiritual Seeker Discounts

For packaged products (such as Work-Study Courses), Lucia offers discounts to those who are having financial difficulties.  Her policy for a Spiritual Seeker Discount is as follows…

We ask that you pay Crown Chakra Publishing, Lucia’s company, for the cost of supplying you with the product.  Costs include such things as staff time to answer your email(s) and facilitate your discount request.

Because there is an “energetic exchange” taking place between you and Lucia, she feels it is important that you pay something for the product. Otherwise you are creating a situation where you are energetically indebted to her.

Then, if you find Lucia’s product helpful, come back to and make a donation when your financial situation improves.

If you would like to proceed, simply contact us using our Contact Form.