Surfing the Tsunami

Lucia René

Mini World for Translations  This blog has been translated into Chinese.

For many people, things feel really churned up right now.  A surprising number of people report that someone in their family is dying and the issue of death always causes a lot of haywire emotions to surface.  Some are feeling that they are on a processing roller coaster.  Others, however, are reporting ecstasy and exhilaration. Where on the spectrum are you?


Mother Divine’s tsunami of change, which has been building for a while, has definitely crested.  No question about that.  Things are churned up. Things are accelerating.  Life has become increasingly challenging.  And we are only just beginning this year of accelerated change!   It isn’t just you or changes in your area of the world.  This is global. Things are churned up everywhere!

If your boat feels like it’s in danger of capsizing, perhaps you need to put on your inspector’s cap and give it a good once over.   (1) Are there too many people on board?   (2) Are you carrying excess baggage?  (3) Are you assuming the chatter on your shortwave radio is your own?

Here are some recommendations for your consideration:

(1)  Make a list of all the people in your life and, in a detached way, scrutinize the energy of each.  Is the person adding to your life? Detracting?  Are you, because you have a tie to them, psychically picking up their inner turmoil?  If someone isn’t on the same wavelength, perhaps it’s time to part company.

To be perfectly honest, it’s a problem if anyone is in your boat (i.e. awareness field) right now.  Everyone should have her/his own boat.  We are all responsible for ourselves.  We need to be free to make our own choices, change direction, steer clear of obstacles.  Other people in your boat make it heavy and hard to maneuver.

(2) Scrutinize your baggage.  Your baggage—emotional, mental, or psychic—may be what’s making your boat unstable.  Are you still trying to control things?  Are you hanging on to an old belief system that doesn’t serve you anymore?  Are you feeling resistant to look at a process that’s up in your face?

More often than not, the problem confronting you—what your mind perceives as the problem—is not the immediate problem.  The real problem is your resistance to dealing with the problem.  Once you overcome your resistance, you can begin to move down through the layers of emotions that compose your problem, one by one, until you reach the fear that underlies them.  And once you merge with the fear, it dissolves into the pure light of consciousness.

Emotions are just vibrations within the emotional body. None of them can harm you. But the mind says, “This problem is so cataclysmic that you’ll die if you go into it”. And we believe the mind.  We resist diving into the process.

My method is to acknowledge and meet the resistance, to tell it, “This resistance is welcome here”.  If resistance is what is up in your face, welcome the resistance, then begin to welcome the layers of the process as they reveal themselves.  Anything that is really seen, acknowledged, and honored comes to rest quite easily.

(3)  And, finally, try to be a bit more objective.  Are the thoughts and emotions that are stirring in your awareness field your personal process or are they merely psychic pick-up from the collective consciousness?  If whatever is going on in the collective is triggering your own personal process, then, of course, it must be addressed at the personal level.  But often, just pulling back and asking, “Is this really my thought/emotion?” detaches us from the collective—which is seriously churned up right now.

Buddha said:  Life is suffering and suffering is caused by attachment.  So, if you’re suffering, investigate and work through your attachments to people.  Meet and honor your attachments to your baggage.

Only you can do your processing work. Someone can teach, advise, and/or support you.  But you have to do the work.  It is messy down there in the depths of the emotional swamp.  I know.   I’ve been there countless times. Not savory.  But, once you decide to plunge in, it’s very, very doable.

Come on.  Confess.  You love the feeling of freedom that comes when you drop a piece of excess baggage or a person who is draining your energy.  So, buck up; inspect your boat; lighten it up.

Surfer on Wave
Or, better yet, trade it in for a surfboard!  Just you, your bathing suit, and the Divine Mother’s tsunami of change.  Too little security in a surfboard?  Better get used to it. We’ll be swimming like dolphins before it’s all over!

You’re perfectly capable of surfing the tsunami, you know.  You wouldn’t have chosen to be here at the end of a cycle of time if you weren’t geared for high-speed change.