Susan Gash, Friend & Ally

Lucia René

I first spotted Susan Gash at Vilcabamba Ecuador’s renowned Juice Factory, a local hangout for ex-patriots on the village’s central square.

Even in a crowd of people, I noticed her right away.  It could have been her physically beauty and grace.  It could have been because her energy is pristine.  But, thinking back, it was probably because her energy is perfectly reflected in her physical appearance.  Perhaps it was the integration of the entire package that caught my eye.

That day, four years ago, sitting in a group, I barely had a chance to talk to her, but I sensed that in Susan, I had found my best friend in this new life I was carving out for myself in South America.

On a personal level, Susan is extremely balanced and always willing to take responsibility, to look at her own issues. And, she has a great sense of humor.  Whenever we get together, we spend most of our time laughing about an ex-pat’s struggle to integrate into a Mañana Culture.  Or, our spiritual struggles to integrate into the New Paradigm.  Add a glass of wine into the mix and we manage to laugh away all of our cares.

Professionally, Susan is a healer and an expert dowser. Early on, I took advantage of her Spirit Doctor sessions where inter-dimensional beings show up to address health and energetic issues.  It was obvious it was the real deal.  I could see the entourage clearly in an alternate dimension and feel them working on me quite distinctly.

But it wasn’t until I asked her to assist me with my Vilcabamba retreat last year that I saw her in action with a group—the gentle nurturing quality she brings to her interactions in that sort of setting.  We made a good pairing, as I primarily model the solar and she balanced that out with a soft, lunar presence.

Behind the scenes at the retreat, I watched Susan dowse for the first time.  Afterwards, I asked her to teach me the art of dowsing.  Since that time, we’ve done quite a bit of psychic and energetic work together.

And, duly impressed by all of the above, I ultimately invited her to join me, as a presenter, for my 2016 Treasure Trove of Transformation Workshops, coming up in Berlin, San Francisco, and London this year.

So it is with great pleasure that I am going to be interviewing Susan.  I’m betting you’ll like her as much as I do…

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