The Divine Masculine

Lucia René

At my recent workshop in the U.S., I facilitated a new Transmission of Light: The Divine Masculine. And the results were totally unexpected.

For many years, during the ascension process, we called forth the Divine Feminine in an effort to dismantle our patriarchal programming and rebalance our inner masculine/feminine.

It has been necessary for women to reacquaint themselves with this energy in order to throw off their second-class citizenship and stand in their power; and for men to open to the long-forgotten presence of the goddess in order to deconstruct superiority and entitlement.

So it has always seemed perfectly natural to me to include a Divine Feminine transmission at my workshops and retreats.

But, over the past year, the Divine Masculine has been showing up, asking to be acknowledged. So, when I created the marketing for the Lucia, Light & Laughter workshop, I decided to include the Divine Masculine alongside the Divine Feminine transmission. Why not? I thought. I named the resulting transmission Mother/Father Divine.

But I needed to write something about it on my website. How to do that when I hadn’t yet facilitated the transmission?

I closed my eyes and dropped into the Father Divine energy. A word arose: “omniscience”. At the time, I didn’t think much about it. I included omniscience in the marketing description and went on with my business.

Months later, the night of the workshop transmission arrived and the Divine Mother transmission, which normally takes about an hour, was quite short. I then announced I would go around the room again, gazing at each person a second time, facilitating the Divine Father energy.

What was surprising was how happy the energy was. So light and bright and effervescent. After meditating on a few people, I heard what I took to be the voice of the Divine Masculine, “I am so pleased to be able to re-introduce this energy to the world”.

I’m quite certain, by the way, that I’m not the only person facilitating this energy on the planet, but hearing those words, for me, made it clear how misunderstood the energy of the Divine Masculine has been.

Just think about it for a moment. For over 5,000 years, the energy of Father Divine has been co-opted by religions, corrupted, and bastardized.

Progressively, throughout the Patriarchy, we have been taught to think of a big man in the sky.

And more often than not, one who is stern, judgmental and vindictive.

But the energy during the transmission was anything but stern. It was light, scintillating and ecstatic. Rather like sitting in the center of a glass of champagne!

Omniscience is defined as “the state of knowing everything; infinite knowledge”. The problem is, due to our patriarchal conditioning, when we hear “knowledge”, we associate it with the mental body. Not appropriate in this case. The mental body is a logical tool. It can’t possibly fathom the infinite. Only on the level of consciousness can we experience omniscience.

That night, lying in bed, feeling into this newly expanded field all around me, I marveled at the size of it.

It was a bit like floating in deep space with twinkling stars all around me, stretching out forever.

And each star represented a particle of knowledge—knowledge in unmanifest form.

In the weeks that have followed, as I have resisted the immensity of this transmutation of my field, processed the embodiment’s terror of it, and slowly begun to allow it to integrate, I have realized that it changes the concept of a Transmission of Light. Changes it radically!

All knowledge in this field is readily available, for the picking. One only need inquire into it to access it. And it should be possible to access any particle of unmanifest knowledge and facilitate it being delivered to someone during a transmission.

This excites me greatly! And I can’t wait to share the results.