The Ecstacy Of Awakening

Lucia René

As some of you know, who have followed my work, I am an emissary from the Sirian High Council to Planet Earth. Going forward, my job description, as I currently see it, is simply to embody that alignment and broadcast its vibration across the planet.

I feel the most effective way to accomplish this is through audio communication. In my last life, I cultivated what is sometimes referred to as the “sacred voice”. In this lifetime, I reclaimed that skill set when I began mentoring people and experimented to see how it could best be used to foster the evolution of consciousness.

The sacred voice is really nothing more than a fully open throat chakra combined with the ability to lace sound with consciousness. The trademark of those who use it is that they have a strong affect on the people who listen, they can move people to action. The story goes, for example, that one Irish political leader was put in prison by the British government because it was the only way to stop him from speaking publicly. Whenever he spoke, people rose up in revolt!

As with anything, of course, one needs to look behind the action and consider the intent. The intent is of the essence. So the sacred voice can be used to oppress or uplift; to manipulate people or inspire their evolution.

My intent is the latter and, to that end, I plan to release a series of short YouTube audios in the coming months. I’ll be using my newsletter to let you know about each new release.

To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t matter if anyone listens to them or not. It is only important, from the standpoint of my mission, that the words are spoken onto the air waves. For it is through these spoken words that the resonance of the Sirian/Earth connection will affect positive change.

So, if you are inclined, I invite you to check out the first 3.5 minute audio that provides some insight into the following questions.

What exactly is this thing we call awakening? Can you strive for it? When you achieve it, is it ecstatic?