The Key to Psychic Perception

Lucia René

In the early 1980s, I complained to my spiritual teacher, Rama, “Why can’t I bring my third eye online?”. He scanned me. “Too much baggage.”

By this he meant that I had too much egoic structure and it was blocking my ability to see. Rama’s theory was everyone is born with psychic abilities, but our cultures teach us to disbelieve in them, and train us to shut them down. He counseled students to eliminate their egos, so their psychic abilities could simply be revealed.

In 1999, while my ability to see had increased gradually with time, I logged the same complaint, this time to Leslie Temple-Thurston. “Seeing becomes much easier”, she told me, “once you’re well versed in polarities. If you can identify the polarities someone is holding, it’s pretty simple to read their field.”

I really had to ponder this. I was just beginning my exploration of emotional processing at the time and it took me awhile to appreciate her advice.

But with time, as I learned to name the various polar opposites (arrogance/worthlessness, victim/tyrant, etc.) and to identify them within myself and in other people, I found it did indeed sharpen my psychic abilities.

And each time I managed to actually clear a polarity from my field, that polarity would become glaringly obvious in other people. (If you are no longer triggered by a polarity, it doesn’t set your egoic structure vibrating when you encounter it, something that obscures perception—so no judgement, simple observation.) At that stage, I could read someone’s field with even more clarity.

Just prior to the December 2017 Solstice, after 18 years of emotional and vibratory processing, many polarities later, and having cleared the majority of my ego, I asked my guides, the Sirian High Council, if it was actually possible for a human being to clear all egoic structure. They answered, “yes”. So I intended just that and, since that time, my journey into clarity, and therefore increased psychic perception, has speeded up considerably.

I scanned myself for what was left. The first thing I identified was an egoic sheath. Egoic sheaths are hard to perceive. They are close in on our awareness fields and most are transparent. You have to really pull your awareness into your core, then scan your field carefully to detect one.

And seeing a sheath is made even more difficult because, as an all-encompassing container, everything you perceive is seen through that filter. So our egos are not at all keen to see and clear egoic sheaths. When we begin to dissolve one, the ego reads it as impending death and will always step in to defend us from dissolving into the unknown.

Nevertheless, during the first part of 2017, I managed to do just that and the result was, I suddenly had access to what I labeled the Divine Masculine—the field of all possibilities in un-manifest form. This allowed me to give a Divine Masculine transmission at my April workshop in the States and, much to my pleasure, I found, yet again, my psychic ability to read the fields of my workshop attendees greatly enhanced.

My resulting configuration allowed me to identify something I had never isolated and processed: male entitlement. My father had programmed me in a very solar way—more as a son than a daughter. And once I saw this quality clearly, it became obvious why male entitlement in men still triggered me! So during the summer of 2017, I set to work on entitlement and managed to clear this as well.

Nearing the end of the year, I identified 7 or 8 small knot-like blockages in my field. I’m not sure how I knew it, but I could see that they were not polarities. If they were not polarities, however, how was I to process them? I couldn’t using my normal processing methods. So, as I sat one morning in mediation, I asked the Sirian High Council if we could work together to lift them from my field.

“Yes. But at this subtle level,” they warned me, “the ego is interwoven with the personality, and there is no guarantee who you will be, once they are removed.” This was a little scary. But after a bit more meditation, I decided to continue the quest. I had come this far; why back down?

Immediately, 3 or 4 of these knots spiraled up and out of my field. And, after a few weeks, during my November 2017 Retreat, the rest were lifted out. This produced a colossal shift. For the first time on my spiritual journey, I could not feel a boundary around my field. My field had been Universal for awhile, 24/7, but now it was limitless. And I had definitely exited time and space. This took a bit of getting used to. With my retreat attendees, I had a perfect opportunity to put my psychic skills to the test. And I found that, once again, they had increased exponentially.

You’re getting the hint, right?
The more you clear, the more your psychic abilities are revealed.

During January 2018, I scrutinized my field very carefully, continuously, for any trace of getting triggered. A bit to my disappointment, I found that I still encountered defenses arising. When I asked the Sirians why, they explained that certain things are hard-wired in a human being. So, at this stage I began scrutinizing:

  • Our human fight-or-flight response
  • Our ability to build up emotional scar tissue in response to fearful situations
  • Our ability as a species to adapt

When our caveman ancestor, for example, encountered a lion in the bush, he experienced fight-or-flight, no? After a few of these encounters, he began to build up emotional scar tissue in order to form a defense in his egoic structure. Over time, he would caution his family that one always needs to be careful of lions in the bush. So now, this egoic defense is being programmed into the children and passed down through the generations. Enter the Patriarchy, a 5,000 year period when both women and men had to contend with a tremendous number of fearful situations and we, as a species, adapted to our circumstances by becoming even more adept at building up egoic defenses.

This was a tough nut to crack! At this juncture, it occurred to me to speak directly to Source: “If I have not yet clearly stated my willingness to have my DNA rewired, to be upgraded from carbon-base to crystalline-base, I do so now—if it is indeed for my highest evolution.” The result has been lots and lots of sleep.

Fast forward to the December 2017 Solstice which produced an unbelievable shift, as many of you are well aware. It flung wide the prison doors of control that defined life as we have known it. And since then, we’ve been absolutely free to walk out of any incarcerating polarities that limit awareness. No excuse not to clear our victim/tyrant. And to do so with total support—if, indeed, we are willing to work through our fear and resistance.

As the result of my work during that solstice shift, my being was catapulted so far out into the dimensions that I’m still trying to quantify what happened.

It was as though I began viewing the world around me from somewhere far out in space, literally viewing it as a game board where everyone is creating their own experience. Not pulling their experiences. Not their Higher Self choosing their experiences. But creating them. Being a Creator of reality. Along with millions of other souls who are Creators of their reality. And, being able to watch the magical dance of how everyone’s reality is synthesized and harmanized into one stunningly perfect whole. Constantly moving. Constantly being reformatted.

And I’m observing, on my small working teleconferences, that my psychic perceptions are effortless. Rather like walking along the beach and picking up sea shells. So simple. Life is so soft.

So… The point is this:  Becoming psychic has nothing to do with learning special techniques. It has nothing to do with adding things to your spiritual repertoire. Psychic abilities are revealed as we clear our egoic structure, that which obscures perception.

We are made up of pure Light. This is the very basis of the experiment in consciousness, the game board on which we find ourselves. We are an intersection of a human embodiment and the Divine. And, as Divinity embodied, we are all-knowing. So our only job is to clear what obstructs the Light within. Period.

As I’ve said many times, meditation and emotional processing are the two foundational building blocks of your spiritual practice. Still the mind. Still the emotions. Dissolve the ego. Add to these two practices a healthy dose of curiosity, patience, and a complete willingness to clarify your being. That’s the pathway to Enlightenment.

And that, my friends, is the key to psychic perception.