The Key to Unlocking Ancient Templates Within

Lucia René

  This blog has been translated into Chinese, Polish and Spanish.

There is an ancient databank of higher wisdom on Planet Earth. It was stored here a very long time ago when life on Earth was just beginning. As incarnate human beings, these ancient templates are our divine birthright. But, up until now, they have been denied us. As this massive experiment in consciousness has unfolded on Earth, those who wanted control over the planet took control of these templates, limited access to them, and used them for their own ends.

No longer!

I’m not certain where these ancient templates were stored in the beginning of time. I first came across them when I traveled to Peru in 2005—an ancient treasure trove of giant snowflake-like configurations each vibrating with a different energy—deep in the heart of the tropical mountain forest that cradles Machu Picchu. I was told to move them. Working with a team of women, we moved them from Machu Picchu to the Cauldera above Los Alamos, New Mexico.

For 6 years, they have rested in the Cauldera. Whenever I traveled to New Mexico, I made the drive up through the mesas of Los Alamos to the Cauldera at 11,000 feet to check up on them. Twice I encountered problems—someone trying to gain control of them or distort their energies. Each time I cleared the energies. I’ve never known precisely what they were for, just that they were benevolent, they were for humanity and the ascension, and they needed to be kept safe.

Last week, I was instructed to make the pilgrimage again, this time for a different purpose. I hiked into the Cauldera after nightfall, and, as I sat in meditation, I received 90 templates. 86 of these large templates made tiny replicas that flew inside of my subtle physical body in quick succession. 3 larger ones—aligned with the heart chakra, the wisdom chakras, and the power chakras—moved inside of me as well. And the last—the mothership of them all, the template of the grand overall design for life on earth—cloned itself by emitting a tiny lightning bolt spark that entered my heart chakra. Meditating on that Divine Spark over the last week, has caused the entire ancient wisdom configuration to begin activating.  That Divine Spark is the key.

I have no idea what the end result of this activation will be or what will happen when they are unleashed to the world, only that I am now supposed to make them available.

Are you ready to claim that which is your Divine Right as a human?