The Next Step: Wielding Power

Lucia René

This blog has been translated into FrenchDutchGerman and Chinese.

The fall equinox, 2010 was subtle but extremely powerful. Energies moved, like a large combination lock, and finally, with some difficulty and not a little opposition, clicked into place. Time to begin cleaning up the dark energies on Planet Earth.

The global elite has been tightening the noose around humanity’s neck. They’ve been pulling out all of the stops, unleashing strategies long held in waiting, moving in for the kill.

For some time now, I’ve been hoping that, not only light workers, but all humans on the planet earth would react, make a spiritual leap in consciousness, and move into action. Personally, I’ve given up on general populace. Time to say, “best of luck, I’ve got work to do, catch you later.”

The problem has been twofold.

I’ve underestimated the arrogance of the global elite for one thing. Their entire system has been dismantled on an energetic level. In the third dimension, the “rings of power” of their patriarchal system have been split apart, reclaimed, and laced with Divine energies. There is division among the factions. They have lost their leader. And still they proceed as though all is well. How are they able to get away with such a blatant sham?

Perception. They control perception. Their system of brain washing is so competent and humanity has been so thoroughly indoctrinated, that they are able to simply say “this is the way it is” and humanity bows to their authority – out of habit. They refer to us as the “bewildered herd” and they have done a superlative job of keeping most of humanity completely bewildered.

They pulled out all of the mind control stops prior to the fall equinox. They tried their best to keep that combination lock from clicking into the place.

I’m sorry. You can’t sidetrack the light work on the planet that easily.

The combination lock that opened on the fall equinox released a force to be contended with. You thought Pandora’s box was bad? Wait until you see what was just unleashed!

Back on the summer solstice, the Divine Mother handed the reins of power to women. We’ve spent three months getting used to the feel of those reins in our hands. And we have found ourselves ready, willing, and able. Women are beginning to wield power on the inner planes.

Power, of course, comes from the depths of silence. It is not “of” us, but “comes through” us. Power is accessed from the divine realms and must be wielded with a balance that is intrinsic to the heart. And women are particularly well suited for the job. We’re a little out of shape, perhaps, but that is changing so rapidly it makes your head spin.

You will find that female light workers come into their own between now and the winter solstice. The waiting is over. The work of cleaning up the darkness has begun.

Is there an energetic broom at the back of your closet? If so, get it out, jump on, and ride!