The Onslaught of Divine Feminine Energy

Lucia René

This blog has been translated into  FrenchGerman and Chinese.

Back on the 2008 winter solstice, I was told, “Mother Divine has taken the reins on planet Earth.” It may appear on the surface that the patriarchal global elite is running the show, but that is not my take as a mystic.

Patriarchy is defined as a male-dominated society, one in which the father or eldest male in the family has control over the women and children. But Patriarchy has run its course, and if you agree that we are moving into a configuration of balanced masculine/feminine at this pivotal time in history, then it only makes sense that an onslaught of Divine Feminine energy is precisely what is needed to balance things out—that is, our own internal masculine/feminine energies, the collective consciousness, and the energy of the Earth herself.

This onslaught is extremely good news for men and women alike.

As I describe in Unplugging the Patriarchy, misogyny or hatred of the feminine is predicated on fear of the feminine. Men can use the onslaught of the Divine Feminine to reconcile this polarity within them, reclaim the energy of their hearts, and come to a place of equal standing with the women in their lives.

Women relate to this Divine Feminine energy in a different way. The female holds within herself the capacity to give birth. Women worldwide are being asked, collectively, to assist in birthing a new era—one of heart-based energy, masculine/feminine balance, and unconditional love.

I recently read somewhere, “Earth is not sick. She is pregnant.” This makes sense to me. Repeatedly, we are experiencing periods of contraction in consciousness in which all of our shadow comes up for review, followed by periods of relaxation in which we integrate what we have learned. These contractions are becoming increasingly intense. They are coming increasingly close together.

It is important to understand that women cannot facilitate this birth on a personal level. This birth is the work of Mother Divine in concert with Mother Earth. But we as women play a crucial role. We are being asked to act as circuits or conduits through which light, love, and power are transmitted.

Women have the ability to access power from the depths of silence and hold it within themselves. Specifically, we are being asked to accept the power of Mother Divine as it rains down into our crown chakras (or energy centers), to wield it from our hearts, to store it in our three lower chakras, and, most importantly at this time, to ground it through our feet into the Earth.

By grounding Mother Divine’s energy into Mother Earth, we aid the Earth in birthing a higher consciousness. As a result, Mother Earth fills us up with her energy from below. And so it goes: the energy flows down, passes through us as circuits, enters the Earth, and flows up through us as circuits. Each woman willing to take on this inner work becomes a beacon of light on the planet.

Down through history, many women have stood as beacons of light, guiding the rest of us forward, carving inroads through dangerous terrain, beckoning us to follow. Now, it is happening more and more. Women everywhere are standing as beacons of light. One woman, ten, a hundred. A hundred becomes a thousand. A thousand becomes ten thousand. Ten thousand explode into a network of light, a one heart/one mind of synchronized consciousness that uplifts world consciousness—a spectacle so bright and dazzling that the world can hardly imagine it.

So, who among us is ready to take on this task? Who is willing to clear her inner Patriarchy in order to become a clear channel for the Divine Feminine energy raining down? Who is ready to help birth a New World?