The Secret of Selfless Service

Lucia René

After doing a significant piece of selfless service, I always receive an upgrade in consciousness. Have you noticed this phenomenon in your own life? It is the loveliest dynamic. Spirit basically says, “Thanks for being of service; now here is a gift for you in return.” And the gift is always a hundred times more magnanimous than the gift you have given.

By “selfless-service” I don’t mean being used as a doormat by your family. I don’t mean pitching an extra five in the collection basket to ease your conscience.

What I mean when I say selfless-service is going beyond the personal ego in service to the evolution of consciousness; being of service to something outside of yourself (which is actually a part of your Universal Self) in a clean and impeccable way. Or, as Rama, my spiritual teacher in this and other lives, put it:

“Selfless-giving is love in action. Whenever we do something for someone
else, we affirm that we are not simply in it for ourselves, that our self is
someone else—is everyone else. Real selfless-giving is when we take
our being, that which is most precious, and throw it into Eternity with a
total sense of offering.”

At my recent events in London, for example, a huge volume of supra-conscious Light poured through my Being—more than ever before.

As I approached the Transmissions of Light, a bit of fear arose. “Will I be able to facilitate transmitting Light to so many people in person?” “What will their reaction be?” So, I processed my fear. I checked my ego to ensure it wasn’t arising. I asked for guidance, to be of service in an impeccable way.

As the three transmissions occurred, over three days, it made me spacey and, at times, threw me off balance. So I found ways of grounding and balancing myself. I drank more water, took more showers, went for longer walks, checked repeatedly for ego…

In short, I persevered, worked through all of the issues that arose, and maintained my intention to facilitate a stronger forcefield of Light for the people who attended. And, as a result, many walked away from the events greatly shifted.

Fast forward to my vacation in Edinburgh following London. For the first week, I could barely leave my accommodations. Sightseeing was pretty much out of the question. My body was constantly tired.

I finally realized, I was not just fatigued from my hard work in London. I was receiving an upgrade in consciousness, a new operating system. This was my thank-you gift from Spirit. 

My being had to expand greatly in order to accommodate all of the Light coming through it during my act of selfless service. And that expansion eradicated previously unseen barriers, held in place by fear, that had limited my consciousness. So, after giving the gift of Universal Light, I received the gift of being able to hold more Universal Light—Light a hundred times greater than what I had transmitted in London.

So this, then, is the secret of selfless service.

When we have meditated long enough to still the mind, when we have processed long enough to still the emotional body, when we have eradicated enough of the personal ego to become less self-absorbed, we figure out this little secret:

The only real fun in life is helping others expand their consciousness.
And helping others expand their consciousness expands our own.