Z Transmissions of Light for Empowerment Group

Preparing for a Transmission of Light


Format for Open-Eye Transmissions

Who attends?

  • These Zoom meetings are offered to support women working with me on a regular basis via Private Consultations.
  • We begin by briefly introducing ourselves (first name and location) then do a short meditation so everyone can settle into the collective field.

Where to focus during the Transmission of Light?

  • During the transmission, when I am focusing directly on you, I suggest that you focus on my eyes (in Zoom’s “Speaker View”). When I am focusing on others, you can continue with that open-eye focus, or close your eyes if you need to rest them, or even transfer your open-eye focus to a flower, rock, or yantra.
  • In my estimation, it would be poor spiritual etiquette to look at the person receiving the transmission. The transmission for each woman is unique and, with time and increased sensitivity, you can learn to feel the difference in each transmission, but it is inappropriate to gaze at the woman receiving the transmission in order to try and sense this.
  • It is not optimal to set a personal intention before the transmission. In the case of a Transmission of Light, I feel that would be limiting and/or distracting. The point is to move beyond the personal self, beyond thoughts and intentions generated by the personal self, and to enter into Universal Consciousness.

As stated on my webpage “What is a Transmission of Light?”:

The beauty of a transmission is that the inherent nature of supra-conscious Light, 
which is supremely intelligent, dictates the quality of Light you receive. 
For each person…the transmission is unique 
and the result is that you receive exactly what you need.


How to endure an hour-long meditation?

  • For novice meditators, it can be a challenge to sit in silence for one hour—the approximate length of time we sit during our transmissions. The intent behind these calls is to support women doing regular Private Consultations. One of my pre-requisites for a Private Consultation is that you have a daily meditation practice of at least ½ hour. To my mind, a ½ hour meditation is very basic. After a year or so, you are hopefully, systematically increasing the time of your meditation to 45 minutes, then one hour. If you have been meditating for awhile, and have difficulty sitting still for a one-hour meditation, I would suggest that there is something amiss. Perhaps return to beginner’s mind and revamp your meditation technique? Perhaps there is some trauma that needs to be more deeply processed? But, having said that, the Transmissions of Light should help you deepen your ability to meditate.
  • Please approach the calls understanding that, for the one-hour meditation, you will need to discipline yourself to sit still. In essence, you are entering a 12D temple.
  • You may want to practice gazing on an ongoing basis. Spend a few minutes at the beginning of each meditation gazing. The whole point of a Transmission of Light is to make eye contact. The transmission occurs through the eyes; the Light passes through the eyes of the transmitter and enters the eyes of the receiver. The eyes, as they say, are the windows to the soul.
  • And, please remember that accepting Transmissions of Light is something you get better at with practice.
  • By the way, crying (or having the eyes water) during a transmission is fairly normal in the beginning. Eventually the eyes become accustomed to the supra-conscious Light and you grow accustomed to “being seen” by yours truly, while I give you the transmission.

How do I physically prepare for an Empowerment call?

  • Make sure you have an internet connection which can sustain both audio and video for the duration of the call.
  • Ensure that the camera/screen is at or very close to eye level.
  • Have lighting which enables your eyes to be clearly seen (artificial light behind your device’s camera is good & sitting in front of a window where there is natural light is optimal).
  • Sit in a comfortable position (with back support if necessary) and select a good location as you will need to be still for approximately one hour during the transmission.
  • Place all possible distractions elsewhere (turn off/silence phone, put pets in another room, create space with those you live with for undisturbed solitude, etc.).


Required YouTubes for First-Time Participants