Update on Medical Hiatus

Lucia René

Warm greetings to all of my subscribers,

As you probably know, I took a medical hiatus at the first of April with the expectation I would be back in the saddle within 3 months. That didn’t happen. Recently I extended my date to return to work until at least the end of September.  So I’d like to let you know what is happening…

My energy has been waning for the past 8 to 10 years. I have attempted to address the problem with every health practitioner I have worked with, but to no avail. Finally, I decided to  have all of my silver amalgam fillings removed. It was to be my final attempt to find a solution and reboot my health.

I found an amazing, highly alternative, wholistic dentist to work with. He is not only a dentist but an incredible medical doctor. The depth and breadth of his medical knowledge is out-of-this-world. In fact, I think he is, quite literally, out of this world, i.e., just in for one incarnation to check on things after helping to design the human DNA a very long time ago. He resonates as a walking Operations Manual for this Version of Human Being.

His patients go through a complete protocol and he basically works with one patient at a time. He is not really here to help people. Helping people is a bi-product of what he does. He is here for the scientific research and to energetically reboot the medical system for the New Paradigm,

We began working together at the first of April. The first stage was to assemble a Medical History. It took just over 3 months, talking 15 hours a week on Skype and doing ‘homework’ in my off hours, such as taking photos of all old x-rays to send to him, contacting past doctors to gather information, doing bloodwork, cat scans, ultrasounds, etc. The end result of this stage was a 200-page, single-spaced “book” of my life including a detailed medical history.

At the end of the Medical History phase, he identifies for each of his patients around 500 possible causative factors for their underlying health problems. Then as work continues, he weights or discards the factors one by one.

Phase Two was preparation for surgery. For me, this involved weaning myself off of all of my vitamins, supplements, and 2 hormonal pharmaceuticals. We had to let all of the various side effects play through the body in order to allow the real causative factors to emerge. This stage was hell. The body had to completely reorg its way of functioning and the fatigue was intense. This phase lasted 1.5 months.

Finally, I flew to meet with him for 2 weeks and have my dental surgery. He did a complete physical exam and took a panoramic dental x-ray. At this point, he was unsure exactly how much dental work he would encounter once we entered into surgery.

I want to point out that, previously, I would not have considered my mouth to be a huge problem. I have always taken very good care of my teeth, made regular visits to the dentist, and followed my dentists’ advice. I had a number of fillings and 4 crowns, yes, but I was completely unprepared for what transpired in surgery. This entire experience has caused me to realize, at a much deeper level, how completely corrupt and insidious the entire medical/dental/pharmaceutical industry really is.

Almost every tooth in my mouth had to be addressed. He removed 3 of my 4 crowns and under 2 of them, he found the teeth were dead, so they had to be extracted. In addition to removing 3 silver amalgam fillings, all gold, porcelain, and resin filling were removed. All contain toxic components. Under most of the newer fillings he found left-over silver amalgam. All previously extracted wisdom teeth “cavitations” had to be opened up and cleaned.

The second dead tooth—the last we dealt with on the day of surgery—shattered when they tried to extract it and it had to be cut into sections. By this time, I had been under conscious sedation, in surgery for 15 hours and I had reached my limit. We still had one dead tooth under one last crown to go, but I insisted that the surgery end.

During the extraction of that last tooth, my personal experience merged with the soul of the Earth. The net net was that I found myself doing an amazing piece of energetic work which resulted in a near-death experience. My soul floated up above all of the activity, looked down on my  physical body lying in the dentist chair, and was ready to depart should the body not recover. This is, of course, to those of us on a spiritual and/or mystical path, the most interesting aspect of the entire experience. And I would like to do an audio recording to share that piece. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I am back home, recuperating from all of the drugs, the surgery, and the mystical phenomenon that occurred. I have no idea how long it is going to take.

Once I am strong enough, I must return for the second surgery where the final and worst tooth of all will be extracted. Then more recovery time. So, as much as I would like to return to work and meet with all of you, I simply cannot at this point. But I have my fingers crossed.

So, please know that I miss meeting with you very much and send you all of my love and best wishes for your journey during these tumultuous times—times of great evolution if we are using them to our advantage and not resisting change. I trust that we will be able to meet up in the not-too-distant future.