What is Mysticism?

Lucia René

   This blog has been translated into Spanish, Polish and Chinese.


It’s 2012. The eleventh hour. It’s now or never, my friends. Time to move out onto the front line of consciousness.

At present, the energies on the planet are in flux. Anything is possible. Conditions are optimal for speeding up your evolution. At the end of 2012, a doorway will open and, depending on your vibration, you’ll be able to walk through, into the new paradigm. Will you be ready?

For me, 2012 is all about raising vibration by “pushing the mystical envelope”. I invite you to explore the world of the mystic…

What is Mysticism?

Mysticism is an art and any art requires both talent and technical skill. Perhaps easiest to understand by using the analogy of an artist—any type of artist really, but I’ll use theatre since I was once an actress.

To become a really good actress, you have to study many technical disciplines: voice, speech, dialects, dance, movement, gymnastics, various acting methods—all kinds of things. So you train and train and then one day you are cast in a role, you bring all of your training to bear in rehearsals, and then, suddenly, it’s time to perform.

When you walk out onto the stage, you put all of the training and all of the rehearsals in your back pocket and just enter completely into the moment. Everything you’ve learned comes through, but you’re not focusing on it. You are the living embodiment of “acting” at that point–the actor through which the character moves, speaks, and feels, totally present in the reality of the play.

In a similar way, one learns to be a mystic by studying many disciplines: meditation, how to stop thought, how to perceive things into other dimensions, how to enter the mystical planes, impeccability, how to hold your energy, how to deconstruct your ego, how not to use “lines”–all kinds of occult maneuvers.

And then one day, you’re all trained up and you can act with complete impeccability. Not because you are concentrating on being impeccable, but because you are a living embodiment of impeccability at that point. You enter the mystical planes to do energetic work and you are super fluid, in the moment, not thinking about all of the training. Perfect form. Perfect movement.

The mystic’s training doesn’t happen intellectually. It is transferred from mentor to apprentice. It is packed into your being. Your body of awareness “feels” what the mystic’s body of awareness is doing. You clock a manuever and your body of awareness remembers.

While you are in mystical training, you sometimes talk about maneuvers. You bring things down into the mental realm and analyze the technique. But you can’t learn mysticism by reading a book or listening to a lecture. You have to hang out with mystics. Mysticism is pure experience.Some people have trained as mystics in past lives and it comes back to them in this life. Some are “wired” as mystics even though they’ve had no formal training. If you’re wired as a mystic, when you are exposed to a mystical manuever, it will register with your body of awareness immediately. Some are curious about mysticism and want to round out their spiritual education. In general, all women are mystical to some degree because, in order to survive the Patriarchy, they had to learn to use what Castaneda called the “second attention”, that part of us that transacts in the unseen realms.

It doesn’t matter what category you fall into. Anyone can benefit from learning mystical techniques. Anyone can employ the path of mysticism to raise their vibration.