Women are Stirring

Lucia René

 This blog has been translated into FrenchGerman and Chinese.

In my morning meditation, I was shown the most uplifting vision. I saw a tiny movement in female consciousness around the globe, almost undetectable, a quiet stirring.

It resembled the coming of spring. One day, the weather is cold and grey and it seems that winter will never end. Then, quite suddenly, the ground is awakening and small shoots are struggling to push aside the dirt and raise their heads. It was like that.

I had the sense that women around the world are stirring, awakening in a way they never have before. Most don’t comprehend what is happening, yet. For most, it expresses itself as a yearning, a subtle rising up of the spirit, a deep sense that something different is blowing in the wind—something that contains promise, nobility of the soul, and—dare we say it—magic.

Many women have stirred, arisen, and stood in their power before us, and it is easier now than ever before for women to awaken to full consciousness, what some call Self-Realization. Many conscious women at this time are balancing their beings to become clear channels of light. Admirable. Much needed.

But this was different. This vision was a definite movement en-masse: women in every country, in every walk of life; women who are feeling at a deeper level what it really means to be a woman.

I have held the vision for some time of women around the globe standing in their power, but this was the first promise that it is possible. This was the first indication that it is really happening.

As women, we find ourselves in all sorts of positions. Some of us are kneeling in prayer. Some of us have our heads stuck in the sand. Some are sitting on the couch, trying to “wait it out.” Some are cowering, afraid of being struck down. Some have been struck down and are flat on their backs. In order to stand in our power, we simply need to tap into that place within ourselves—that wellspring of power, light, and love—and rise to a standing position.

My teacher used to tell his students, “You don’t really know who you are. You think of yourself as the personal ego. You don’t understand that you are infinite, that you hold the universe within you…. The closest you ever come to feeling who you are is after you’ve taken a spiritual fall, and then you decide to get up again. At that moment—the moment you get up—that’s who you are.”

This is what is being asked of us as women at this time in history: to simply stand up. It doesn’t matter what position you are in or how awkward, humiliated, or unpleasant you feel. Just stand.

You will find that other women are doing the same, others who will offer a helping hand, others who will assist you in dusting yourself off so you can remember who you truly are.

Take heart. Stand up. Women are stirring.

Can you feel that?