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Treasure Trove of Transformation
Workshops in San Francisco & London

Where are you in your journey of Ascension? Are you accessing the rapid-fire changes in consciousness as the planet ascends? Are you embodying the ever-increasing multi-dimensionality available in 2016?

TTofT Logo with 2016 MediumIf you prefer to talk about Ascension, this workshop is not for you. This workshop is all about experience. Why discourse about higher dimensions when you can navigate them?

Over three days, we will open the door to expanded consciousness. We’ll enter higher dimensions. We’ll experience the exhilaration of moving between them. You’ll be able to drop your questions and simply soak in the answers—answers that come intuitively when the body is at rest, the mind is at peace, and the awareness encompasses the Universe.

Three presenters. Three disciplines. Three approaches.
A wealth of wisdom. A treasure trove of transformation.

If you are ready for transformation, we’re anxious to meet you in San Francisco (7-10 July) and/or London (13-16 October).

Reserve your seat or keep reading to learn more about the presenters, the workshop, and the Empowerments


The Presenters

Lucia René

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALucia is a mystical warrior and a spiritual mentor to thousands around the world. Her exploration of consciousness has spanned 45 years. She’s an ordained Buddhist monk and has a classical spiritual background, but is best known for continually pushing the envelope of New Paradigm consciousness. Through Empowerments and Transmissions of Light, she helps people navigate alternate dimensions and go places in consciousness they’ve never been. Lucia’s strong suit is her ability to communicate, in crystal clear terms, complex spiritual ideas. Her specialty is the mystical ability to navigate alternate dimensions, and she uses the Sacred Voice to help others do the same. For Lucia’s complete bio, click here.

David Manning

People debate exactly what David’s skillset is: Storyteller? Sound healer? Shaman? The truth is, he’s all three. What nobody debates is that his energy work slices through your embodiment, cutting through limitations, like tumors under the knife of a world-class surgeon. As a psychic, he perceives the structure of stories in individual bodies and collective fields—structures like outmoded patterns, beliefs, and wounds. As a storyteller, he gives voice to them. The sounds he produces touch deep into those structures, by-passing the intellect. And the result is their dramatic and rapid dissolution. David is a very special energetic technician whose skillset is unique. There is really no way to describe it. It is just something that has to be experienced. For more information on David’s energy work, visit his website. To hear Lucia interview David, visit our Amazing Teachers page.

Susan Gash

Susan GashAs a healer, Susan is the “real deal”. Her Spirit Medicine is authentic, pure, and energetically crystal clean. During healing sessions, she invokes the Spirit Doctor Team, a rare entourage of over 40 beings who apply not only traditional healing methods, but stellar, futuristic healing technologies. Session participants can make personal healing requests, receive guidance from the Spirit Doctors, and awaken to their own innate gifts and cosmic heritage. As a dowser, Susan blends her highly developed intuitive base with precise technical dowsing skills to assist people with removing obstacles, raising energy levels, and reclaiming lost aspects of their soul’s essence. To learn more about Susan’s work, visit her website. To hear Lucia interview Susan, visit our Amazing Teachers page.


Thursday Evening Empowerment
Open to the Public

Fierce Compassion is the 1st Empowerment in the event—a Transmission that submerges you in the fluidity of 4D energy. It’s the gentleness of compassion laced with super-high intensity. We hope you will join us for this mind-blowing combination, bring your friends, and experience the flavor of the weekend.

In San Francisco, July 7, 7:00-10:00 p.m. $20 at the door. (Not included in the workshop package.)

Content of the 3-Afternoon Workshop

Friday Afternoon

Photo Lucia Susan David CompositeLucia, David, and Susan—3 presenters with 3 different flavors of psychic ability—will begin the workshop by giving a read-out of the current ascension energies.

Then we will explore:

  • Common roadblocks to ascension
  • Tips for consolidating and grounding spiritual growth
  • The 3 waves of the Earth’s 2015/2016 ascension
  • How to exit and unplug the Matrix

No matter where you are in your journey, you can position yourself optimally on the playing field to take full advantage of the ascension in 2016.

Saturday Afternoon

“David is a shamanic healer extraordinaire, whose deep love for those he works with facilitates instant and powerful transformation.” -Heike, Switzerland

No matter how far along you are in your spiritual journey, David will help you deepen your awareness on day two. You will learn how to:

  • Clear your energy field
  • Identify how you sabotage yourself
  • Increase the amount of support you allow yourself to receive

Through guided meditation, using his unique blend of story-telling and sound frequencies, David will help you descend into the matrix of your being—a place where you experience yourself as pure energy. When you know yourself as energy, everything becomes clear and simple. It is possible to scan your field and focus intently on whatever is calling your attention, whatever wants to be upgraded. And when you reprogram yourself from this level, you act as a Conscious Creator—someone with the ability to turbo charge his or her evolution.

Sunday Afternoon

“I am struck by how beautifully, clearly, explicitly, and warmly Spirit speaks through Susan! Straight from the heart!” -KathyAnne, U.S.

Susan is a cellular empath and an incarnation of Grace itself. She fosters a loving, harmonic environment where self-awareness and self-healing can occur. Working with the Spirit Doctor Team—a powerful entourage of healers, shamans, and master dowsers—she facilitates, from a place beyond time and space, healing on all levels.

After the shake-up of day two, you will be invited to relax and enter into a deep state of receptivity. Experiencing yourself as a multi-dimensional Being, you’ll be able to engage with the Spirit Doctors to:

  • Make personal healing requests
  • Allow healing to take place within your physical body
  • Accelerate clearings within your energetic field
  • Receive guidance from the entourage

On day three, with the loving assistance offered by the world of Spirit, your unique essence will get refined. And you’ll be standing on a clarified platform from which you can move forward with more grace and ease.

Content of the 4 Evening Empowerments

“Receiving an Empowerment from Lucia’s pure light stream is a divine gift.” – Rosalind, UK

Have you ever had an epiphany—a moment in time when you experience the Divinity of all things? Perhaps a particularly high meditation or a moment in Nature when everything is perfect? If you are receptive during a Transmission of Light, this is exactly what happens. The 3rd dimensional (3D) world falls away and you glimpse your own Divine Nature.

The beauty of a Transmission is that the inherent nature of Light, which is supremely intelligent, dictates the quality of Light you receive. For each person, when Lucia makes eye contact, the Transmission is unique and the result is that you receive exactly what you need.

Thursday Evening – Fierce Compassion

This Empowerment, open to the public, submerges you in fluid, 4D energies. It is the gentleness of compassion laced with super-high intensity. But after Thursday, we begin to move into higher and higher dimensional experiences…

Friday Evening – Kiss of the Divine Mother

During this Transmission, you’re invited to experience pure 5D energy—the energy with which Mother Earth currently vibrates. We will fracture all past misconceptions of separation with the Earth to expose the inherent and multi-faceted connection all of us have with Her. Then, as the Empowerment progresses, you will experience the incredibly subtle energy of the Divine Feminine that has facilitated so much of the ascension process.

Saturday Evening – Sirian Starseed Activation

With this Empowerment, we enter the 6D, the cross-over point between form and formlessness. Most people cannot remember their experience after this transmission because the energy is so dissolved. Lucia facilitates a highly personal upgrade by the Sirian High Council, a re-seeding of the original starseed material you received when you first incarnated on Earth. To whatever degree you are able to access the Light, your consciousness will be rebooted.

Sunday Evening – Whisper of the Angelic Realms

If you like the dissolution of the 6D Sirian energy, you will love the angelic realms. These realms exist outside of all known dimensions on Earth. When angelic energy enters the 3D, it plays all of the higher, formless dimensions like the strings of a harp. At the end of the evening, you may rise out of your seat and wonder if there is still a floor to support you. This Transmission is a magic carpet ride that takes you, quite literally, out of this world.

Audio Description

Audio Symbol
Listen to Lucia, David, and Susan describe the event in a one-hour mp3.


TestimonialsTestimonial SS-177428234 Gold Ribbon

“Truly a Treasure Trove of Transformation! I reached profound states of awareness and left feeling high with light and inspiration, yet so grounded.” –Tessa, Finland

“What I experienced was pure transformation. I am not the same person I was and am still changing everyday.” -Diane, Holland

“The entire event was phenomenal. Cutting edge, rapid spiritual advancement, safe, supportive and above all, pure love, humility and fun. Each day was unique and very well organized.” -Jayshree, U.K.

“What I experienced exceeded my expectations by far. It was so profound on many different levels. Since then I feel free, light, and happy as never before. Treasure Trove of Transformation attracted people from many different countries. The group was harmonious right from the beginning, very focused and dedicated to do the best to support the planet and humanity in the transition. So it is indescribable. We had such a great time and I am sure we accomplished important work for Berlin, Germany, Europe and probably for the whole planet. It was beautiful to be part of this and I am sure that in the upcoming workshops in San Francisco and London, the waves will go even higher.” -Silvia, Switzerland

Location Details & Reserving a Seat

Each 3-day workshop will be different, reflecting the energy of the location and the needs of those who attend. Space is limited and we invite you to reserve your seat.

For schedule, venue, cost, and reservations, please click a city:

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