Z Retreat Vilcabamba 2016

Vortex of Change
A Retreat in Vilcabamba Ecuador
November 12 – 19, 2016

VilcabambaWelcome to Vilcabamba, Ecuador—a quaint South American village, nestled in the Andes, known for it’s pristine environment and world-class water.

But don’t let the pictures fool you. Vilcabamba is a serious vortex of energy that causes you to spin up or spin out. We’ll be focused on spinning up, but enter at your own risk. This will be 7 days of intense internal work, transformation, and breakthrough.

The retreat provides an opportunity to come together with other like-minded spiritual aspirants from around the world, to learn from each other’s experiences, and to support each other’s leaps in consciousness. It is for those who want a more intimate gathering, to spawn deeper work, in a setting that most visitors label as “paradise”.

Retreat Madre Tierra StaircaseVilcabamba provides the mystical energy, Lucia provides her mystical skills, and the combination is powerful. Add to that your repeated in-person Transmissions of Light and it may be enough to put you, spiritually, over-the-top.

And this is where new information comes through for Lucia, inspired by the collaboration and willingness of the group at hand. So attending gives you a front-row seat for the latest flavor of transmission.

When you travel to a new location, you not only leave home, you leave your entrenched patterns behind. And all of your mystical circuits must come on in order to navigate your new environment. This potent set-up makes it easier to step outside of your current, spiritual configuration and view it from a new perspective.

In Vilcabamba, we’ll take advantage of this. Together, we’ll isolate your number-one spiritual roadblock. Then, as the week progresses, we’ll work on it from a number of different mystical perspectives.  You’ll have the opportunity to examine this part of your life from a more detached vantage point, work on it at a deeper level, and make breakthrough shifts in consciousness.

Testimonials from the 2015 RetreatTestimonial SS-177428234 Gold Ribbon

  • “This retreat was life changing. Lucia was able to meet me where I was, with compassion, firmness and strength.” Rakhi, South Africa
  • “This retreat was life-changing and unlike any other I’ve ever attended.  The genuine love I experienced has stayed with me and helped solidify the work that was done in my being…” Cathy, U.S.
  • “Wow! The retreat was beyond my wildest expectations. I am still feeling blown away by all that we experienced, processed and created. I feel completely different… I am witnessing places—places that held blocked energy for years—dissolve and disappear. My body feels stronger and more balanced. It is much easier to process—as though I am seeing life from a new level and am no longer as affected by dense drama.” Tash, Australia

When & Where

Retreat Madre Tierra Sign


Dates: November 12-19, 2016

Location:  Madre Tierra resort
Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador



Retreat Madre Tierra Pool

We’ll gather for dinner on Saturday, November 12.  On Sunday, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We’ll average about 5.5 hours of group work per day and it will normally be broken out between our morning and afternoon sessions.

There is one free morning and one free afternoon for you to journal, book a private session, have a massage, or just lie by the pool.

Evenings are free, although we have several extra-curricular activities planned:


Susan Gash

On our first evening, A Spirit Doctor session with Susan Gash to help you unwind and overcome your jet-lag.  Susan and Lucia have collaborated during Treasure Trove of Transformation workshops and Awaken Academy. She is the incarnation of sublime.  And, as an added treat, Susan will be assisting us during the retreat and available for private sessions.



MontesuenosTea & Tour of Monte Sueños (mountain of dreams). Prepare for a work of art and a world of magic, compliments of artist, Meredith Miller, whose focus is the Divine Feminine.  You’ll be able to chat with the artist, tour the gardens, and visit some of the most magical hotel rooms ever created.


On the final evening, you are invited for an evening at Lucia’s white temple so you can relax, enjoy the breathtaking views, and bathe in the energy of Oneness. Then we’ll hang out around the fire as the curtain falls on the Vilcabama night and our shared 7-day experience.


Your Investment

Retreat fee:  $1,995
Deposit to hold your place: $100
Deposits are refundable until 45 days prior to the event, per our Store Policy.

What will your total expenditure be?  You’ll need to add up your travel expenses, as well as Madre Tierra hotel and food expenses during the retreat, and add to that Lucia’s $1,995 retreat fee.

Madre Tierra rooms range from $20/night for a simple, shared room to $84 for a deluxe, private accommodation.

Food at Madre Tierra during the retreat, will be approximately $20/day and consists of beautifully prepared dishes from their organic garden.  Your total food cost will be approximately $150 for the 7 days.

Audio SymbolListen to the replay of Lucia’s October 1, 2016 teleconference about the Retreat (47 min):


Ready to Hold Your Place?

Because this event will be ultra-powerful, those wishing to attend will be asked to complete 4 pre-requisites, fill out an Application, and sign a Release Form at the beginning of the retreat.

The pre-requisites are:

  1. Read Lucia’s Unplugging the Patriarchy
  2. Watch and work through the exercises in Lucia’s YouTube series, Exit and Unplug the Matrix and Operation Clean Sweep
  3. Read The Marriage of Spirit by Leslie Temple-Thurston because doing so will give the group a common, working vocabulary and will ensure you understand the way in which polarities are held within your conscious/unconscious mind, something we will be working with at the retreat
  4. Have a stable emotional processing technique

Here is a copy of the Release Form you will be asked to sign.

Ready to proceed?  If so, you’ll just need to complete and submit your Application.

Once your Application has been accepted, we’ll send you information about how to make your $100 deposit and logistical information you’ll need about traveling to Ecuador.

Lucia in MT Hammock




Then, all that remains is to have fun planning your trip to meet Lucia, in person, in paradise…







The 2015 Vilcabamba Retreat provided major shifts for many of the 18 participants. By the end of the week, the group was functioning in an ascended state, with One Mind. Please enjoy the 2015 retreat photos…

2015 Vilcabamba Retreat Attendees

IMG 2318

Laughing at someone’s breakthrough realization

Alejandra Satkirn, co-facillitator, with Violetta, the youngest attendee

Susan talking to an attendee on break

Susan, co-facilitator, talking to Asa from Sweden on break


Peter from the U.K. talking with Lucia on a break


Gloria from El Savador

Susan from the U.S. & Natasha from Australia

Lucia talking with Rakhi who hails from South Africa

A moment of reflection on Lucia’s property the final evening

Around Lucia’s firepit that night – Lucia, Natasha, Tracy & Brenda from the U.S., & Ingrid from Sweden