Z Female Conditioning Course – old version with physical DVD & pay-per-view


In the past, Lucia gave workshops in the US, Canada, and Europe, entitled Women Standing in Their Power and Embracing the Divine Feminine, where she worked with women and men to explore the Divine Feminine energies in a practical, hands-on way.

Two of these workshops were videotaped. Her Women Standing in Their Power DVD combines the best footage from both, as well as additional instructional segments. The 2-DVD set runs almost 3 hours, but with discussion points, the total working time is 4 hours.

Watch a snippet from the DVD (40 seconds)

The 12 Female Archetypes

In the DVD, Lucia enumerates the 12 female archetypes handed down from the Matrilineal Era that were fractured, polarized, and corrupted during the Patriarchy and discusses how this corruption process threw the masculine/feminine energies within each of us out of balance.

Archetype Diagram
Download and print the 12 Female Archetype Diagram


The theory in the DVD establishes who we really are:

  • A woman’s spiritual essence is, and always has been, power—the ability to access power from the depths of silence, to hold power within the body, and to wield power with the balance of the heart.
  • A man’s spiritual essence is the embodiment of heart energy and the transcendence of the heart to merge with the void—that experience which is beyond the human spectrum.

3 Excerpts from the DVD


Lucia talks about feminine/masculine energies
and her overall theme (9 minutes)

An overview of all 9 segments of the DVD (9 minutes)

A summary of 12 female archetypes
as they relate to the 12 chakras (9 minutes)


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  • “I was surprised by how personal the whole experience felt. After watching the DVD I felt so connected to Lucia…It was as if she was in the room.” -Karen, Oregon
  • “Lucia’s energy gave me permission to tell myself it’s absolutely okay to be who I am – blurts and anger and love included. I can stop trying so darn hard to fade into the background…I felt a lot of joy seep into me. I’m sure it has always been there, but I’ve been in such a defensive mode that I just wasn’t allowing it to be experienced.” -Gabriole, Canada
  • “Wow! The messages that were given…truly amplified the power that we already exude as women. I think the key here is awareness. I have already started to become more aware of the subtle imbalances and conditionings that are seen as ‘normal’ in this society. Enough! It is time to balance masculine and feminine energy, so we can shift and create a balance on this planet!” -Amber, New Mexico
  • “Enlightening! What I did not expect was the profound personal impact. [It] was a catalyst. It activated the previously unrecognized impact that many years of active and passive conditioning had instilled…This awakening seems to have had an immediate affect in my life. Thank you.” – John, Virginia

Acquiring the DVD

women standing in their power dvd

DVD Cover

There are 2 purchase options:

  • The first option is to buy the 2-DVD Set and pay for shipping.
    Women Standing DVD for $40
  • The second option is Pay-Per-View for $40 where you stream the video. To test the streaming quality on your computer, and be given the option to purchase afterward, click here. PLEASE NOTE THIS OPTION IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.


More about the 12 archetypes

Looking for books and movies about the 12 archetypes?  Please visit our Resources page.


A Few Workshop Photos



Hamburg, Germany










Cleveland, OH

Cape Cod, MA

Calgary, Canada

Truth or Consequences, NM

Sacramento, CA

Richmond, VA (half of attendees)

Calgary, Canada (DVD/Skype workshop)