Ancient Archetypes

Lucia René

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It’s quieter on the North American inner planes these days. Have those of you residing here noticed? That dissonant ‘hum’, that used to be there 24/7—the one that made it hard to think and have psychic perceptions—is gone.

We’re still dealing with the Gulf oil disaster, of course. We’re still anticipating the meltdown of the patriarchal structures. Those problem areas are, in my estimation, ‘hands off’. Humanity needs to be shaken loose from the old. The best strategy is to remain unattached and fluid.

But tremendously positive change is in the air. I have recently become aware that ancient archetypes are manifesting in the third dimension. We have had knowledge of these archetypes in the past. We have had energetic access to them. But now they are actually manifesting in the physical realms.

One that I am particularly aware of, because I use it in my dharmic work, is the female warrior. The other night I was awakened at 2:00 in the morning to watch an abstract image of golden light flow through my awareness field. Normally, I am aware of projecting the warrior image ‘out’. Now I was seeing that it was weaving its way through the collective – foot loose and fancy free!

I believe that all of the ancient female archetypes will be coming back online shortly. This is excellent news for men as well as women, as we all embody both masculine and feminine energies. The resurrection of the archetypes in the third dimension makes them more accessible to all.

By the way, if you would like to see a diagram of all 12 female archetypes, please visit my web site Workshops page.