Optimizing 2017

Lucia René

Just after the 2016 December Solstice, I wrote a blog entitled Birth of a New Paradigm in which I referenced the coming year as “The Great Falling Apart”.  In my experience, it has been just that. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been busy identifying my subtle, entrenched polarities then systematically working throughout 2017 to bring them into conscious awareness and process them.

Something else transpired for me at that 2016 December Solstice. I asked Spirit for “full remembrance”. In other words, I stated my intent to bring back all of the consciousness, all of the talents, all of the skillsets that I possessed when I arrived on Planet Earth for my first incarnation.  It seemed to me in December 2016, looking forward across 2017, with its unfolding New Paradigm energies, that full remembrance would be possible. And I was assured by my guidance that that would indeed be the case.

Now, I can see that I asked for full remembrance simply because it was up in consciousness. And I’ve spoken with others who, in their own ways, asked for precisely the same thing. I think we were all sensing the same potential for 2017.

And when you think about, the 2 energetics—falling apart and full remembrance—are perfect dance partners.  You must dismantle the various aspects of your egoic structure in order for your true nature to be revealed. The dismantling, the falling apart makes space within your Being. And in that space, that quietude, you reconnect with who you are.

At my August Berlin workshop, we worked with this full-remembrance idea. I recommended to participants that they take a close look at their willingness to bring full remembrance back online; that they intend that; that they speak it out to the universe.

Of course, the gotcha is always this: what is simultaneously being held in the unconscious?

The consciousness mind may say, “Absolutely! I want full remembrance. No question!”  But pressurized consciousness, what we call polarities in the subconscious or unconscious may, at the same time, be screaming bloody murder and stomping on the brakes.

The proposed solution in Berlin was this:  When you state your intent to the universe, also include that you are willing to see any and everything that is resisting full remembrance.  Say “if you will give me clear insights about my resistance and the fortitude to tackle it and process all of the polarities, I’m willing to do the work. I’m aware that it may be challenging, but I want full remembrance and I’m willing to do whatever it takes.”

I truly believe that any one of us can bring back full remembrance between now and the December Solstice at the end of this year. I think, if we were to sit down and think about it carefully, our 2017 journeys have, in fact, been all about full remembrance.

Full remembrance will be unique for each of us.  Some of us are old souls, some new. Some are here for their initial incarnation in the 3D. Some have been here forever and are in their last life. Some will be staying on to manifest a new world.

One soul type is not better than another. And its senseless to compare ourselves to others. What’s important is that you become all that you can be in this incarnation. If indeed, that is your goal.

So I’m curious. What is your take on that? Do you want full remembrance or not?


To listen to the teleconference where Lucia expanded this topic, please visit our free Library’s Public Teleconferences page and look for Optimizing 2017 from 10/07/17.