Lucia René

   This blog has been translated into spanish.


Rama, my spiritual teacher in the 1980s and 90s, used to take his students on field trips to Disneyland. The format was free-form. You might pass Rama on Disneyland’s Main Street, bump into him buying a hot dog, or, if you were really lucky, stand in line with him while you waited for the same ride.

On one occasion, I was waiting to board Space Mountain, known to be one of Rama’s favorite rides. I noticed a family of three and became engrossed watching their interactions. The parents were so attentive to the little girl. It was truly a beautiful family scene.

Suddenly, my heart began to expand, my awareness became Universal, and I was One with all things. I began to look around at my environment. Everything was permeated with Oneness. I scanned the line of people waiting for the ride and there was Rama—looking directly at me!

I was receiving an empowerment. I held his gaze and my vision became permeated with gold light. Then he nodded to me, as if to say, “you’re heading in the right direction”, and returned to chatting with his companions.

As one of his students, I was accustomed to receiving this sort of Transmission of Light. Over time, I came to understand that the transmission wasn’t personal and became skilled at opening my Being and entering a receptive mode. During each transmission, the world would stop and my awareness field would be elevated to a new, less attached, more expansive level. Receiving a transmission provided a radical boost in consciousness—an empowerment.

The real trick with an empowerment is what to do with it.

An empowerment from an Enlightened Being is transitory. It fades within a few days. At the end of that time, you’ll most likely fall back into your previous level of awareness. Unless…

Unless your life is impeccable, to use the mystical term coined by Carlos Castaneda, and you are 100% willing to change.

If you’ve been doing your spiritual homework (meditating daily to still the mind, using a processing technique when you are triggered into reaction to still the emotional body, doing self-inquiry, learning about humility, spiritual etiquette, selfless giving—basically developing the skill set needed to move through the world, touching things lightly) then the heightened level of awareness can be sustained. You can use a transitory empowerment to make a permanent leap in consciousness.

Here are some tips:

  • First, you must have the humility to cognize you’ve received an empowerment and understand how rare that is on a planet with 7 billion people and their disheveled, collective field of psychic energies. You have to pause, clock the difference in your awareness, and not take it for granted.
  • Then you must grasp the moment and, using the clarity that results from the empowerment and looking deeply into your Being, ask yourself, “What is really important to me in this lifetime?”.
  • Next, whatever changes you need to make to realize the subsequent steps on your spiritual journey, intent them—make them known to the Universe—always specifying, “If I have seen correctly and this is for my highest good.”
  • Then, relax and enjoy the ride for the next few days.
  • Remember to hold your witness—that part of you that observes your thoughts, emotions, and actions—and watch closely what crosses your path. Who do you encounter? What situations trigger you? What arises in consciousness? What changes are you drawn to make while in an empowered state? Everything will be amplified by the Light.
  • So stay in the moment and endeavor to handle each situation with fearlessness and grace.

It is unusual that a giant leap in consciousness takes place after your first empowerment. It’s like anything else. You have to practice to get good at it.

But with practice, you can clarify your Being, streamline your life, and use an empowerment to take a giant step into your own Universality.


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