Something is Coming!

Lucia René

 This blog has been translated into FrenchGerman and Chinese.

Some years ago, Mother Divine’s energy began manifesting on Planet Earth. In her infinite wisdom, she came to sooth a tired, out of balance, patriarchal planet. At first it was just a sprinkle, detectible only to the most psychic among us. Shortly thereafter, however, it began to rain and then to pour.

Soon the puddles and ponds became lakes and, more recently, an ocean of energy, rolling, shifting, flowing into crevices of the collective consciousness. At this point Her presence is all encompassing. In order to tap into it, all we have to do is simply ask “Show me who you are”; “Let me feel your strength”; “Help me align with your quietude”.

Last year, my friend, Mary MacNab, predicted a wave of Divine Feminine energy hitting the California coast. And indeed it did. It crashed into the shores of the collective and rippled through our lives as a sort of change or else energy—challenging but full of grace.

Since then, the Divine Mother’s strength has increased—a magnificent swell in a voluminous sea—rising, building in strength, forming itself into another wave.

Can you see that it is cresting—a beautiful wave rolling in toward the shore? Can you glimpse the whitecaps as the water begins to arc?

Can you sense when it will arrive?