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The Importance of Personal Processing

A few years ago, Lucia was given the dharmic task of rallying women to move to the front lines of consciousness and stand in their power. Knowing that most of the women attracted to her work were fairly grounded in their spiritual practice, she asked herself the question: “In order to stand in their power, what do women most need?”

The answer was:  An effective emotional processing technique to clear their emotional baggage and egoic structures. You can have a strong daily meditation practice and learn all manner of helpful spiritual tools and techniques, but if you don’t understand the mechanics of perception and have a good processing technique to deal with what triggers you, spiritual growth proceeds slowly and painfully.

The Unplugging Processing Technique

Lucia began teaching the processing technique she had used to unplug her energies from the Patriarchy—a technique based on Jyanna (the yoga of discrimination), laced with Bhakti (the yoga of love), with a heavy dose of Mysticism thrown in.

She created an offering called Mystical Counsel, where she worked with hundreds of women, helping them process their emotions and move through their fears. Testimonials poured in from around the world, all of which captured essentially the same sentiment: “I’m so relieved to finally find a way to address my issues and am now making rapid progress.”

You too can clear your issues rapidly—provided you are at a juncture where you are ready to take responsibility for your reactions to things and willing to do the work to clear the fear-based processes that are at the root of those reactions.

The secret of Lucia’s technique is self-acceptance or self-love.  In Judeo-Christian societies, we are taught to feel compassion for everyone—everyone except one person. Ourselves.  And this is especially true for women who have been programmed to be second-class citizens throughout the Patriarchy.

By turning love—the most powerful force in the universe—in on ourselves, by meeting, welcoming, embracing, and merging with our emotional processes, we can bring even the most difficult issues to rest and accept them as merely one additional aspect of our ever-expanding Universal Self.

After Mystical Counsel, Lucia continued to work with women who wanted to enhance their emotional processing skills and gain the ability to work at a more subtle, vibratory level in her Women Standing teleconference series.  Later, she hosted No Woman Left Behind, a remarkable series of 5 guided meditations that used the power of female collaboration to flood the calls with Divine Feminine energy.

Now, all 3 teleconference series are available as a 3-part work-study course…


How to Learn the Processing Technique

Lucia recommends you begin with Mystical Counsel and work your way slowly through the entire work-study course—approximately 45 hours of audios.  You may have experience with an emotional processing technique and feel you want to jump ahead to the two more advanced modules.  And that is certainly possible. But frequently, in her one-on-one work, Lucia discovers that someone who claims to have an emotional processing technique, doesn’t actually know how to “navigate” their emotional body. This is taught in Mystical Counsel. And this is the key to your success.

We invite you to drill down into the various modules, read the descriptions, listen to some of the audio snippets, and see which modules resonate with you. Here is a high-level summary…

Mystical Counsel is an excellent module for women who want to learn an emotional processing technique, or enhance their current emotional processing technique with the all-important ingredients of self-love and fearlessness.  It teaches you to navigate your emotions. And it also provides instructions for removing past-life structural blockages that women have put into place to survive the Patriarchy.

Women Standing provides a forum for more advanced processes, such as the need to process positive as well as negative emotions.  A number of participants on these calls deal with the more subtle polarities encountered as one approaches Self-Realization.  The course is peppered with a number of processing short-cuts and Lucia gives her method of doing a high-level systems analysis of the polarities in your egoic structure.

No Woman Left Behind is an invitation to face and eradicate the final vestiges of the patriarchal female—the 5 most important stumbling blocks for women.  Using emotional and vibratory processing as a springboard, calling on the power of female collaboration within the group, Lucia facilitates 5 multi-layered guided meditations that can be unpacked by listening to them multiple times.


For a superb rendering of the subject and to get a taste of Lucia’s technique, listen to: The Mechanics of Perception & Processing (1 hr 7 min).

Additionally,  Lucia recommends Leslie-Temple Thurston’s book, The Marriage of Spirit.  It’s a concise, in-depth, and readable rendering of how polarities are held within your awareness field. Arming yourself with this intellectual understanding serves as a perfect companion-piece to Lucia’s processing work-study course.

Ready to Begin?

To read a more detailed course description, or to purchase a processing work-study course module, simply click one of the links:

Mystical Counsel

Women Standing

No Woman Left Behind


A Special Note for Men

If a man has worked to balance out the masculine/feminine energies within himself and has developed sufficient humility, he can certainly benefit from the first two modules of the processing work-study, but may find the subject matter too heavily focused on female issues. Men who have wanted to learn Lucia’s processing technique, however, have reported excellent results and site the added benefit of better understanding the women in their lives afterward.

Lucia always recommends men read The Marriage of Spirit.  Men have been conditioned during the patriarchal cycle to shut down their emotional bodies, which has given rise to the notion that women are overly-emotional.  It is important for men to review their attitude regarding women, to realize that women simply have access to their full emotional bandwidth, and to understand that there is much to be learned through association with women.