The Task at Hand

Lucia René

On a balmy summer evening back in 1983, my spiritual teacher walked into the lecture hall where all of his students were assembled, took his seat, and began to meditate.  When the meditation concluded, he delivered a talk about what happens at the moment of one’s death, a talk that became know as The Walk Between the Worlds.  I reproduce an excerpt for you here:


“You walk alone between the worlds. Many have walked this way before you and they will watch, but you must walk your way alone. Many great warriors have walked the path… They stand on the other side and they beckon you.

“You walk alone between the worlds. As you walk, all those you love will appear on your right and they will call out to you. They will stretch out their arms to you and entreat you. They will plead with you to return with them. It will seem that if you do not go with them, they will fail, they will be utterly destroyed. But you must go on. You must wish them well and continue your walk between the worlds. 

“You walk alone between the worlds. As you walk, all freedom will appear on your left, stretching on forever. All of the worlds. And the mountains and the ocean. Fire, earth, air, water, and ether. You must walk past them all, into Nothingness.

“You will see that there is something beyond Nothingness. There, the great warriors wait.”  

                                                    – Rama, Ebel Theatre, Los Angeles, August, 1983

The poetry of those words applies to life as well as death—a life lived on the middle ground, somewhere between attraction and repulsion. And it seems to me that it aptly describes the opportunity that Spirit extends to us between now and the end of the year.

Looking psychically, beyond this year, the energy of 2017 looms bright and crystalline. But when you pull your awareness back and focus on the energies of the next 2.5 months, they seem, by contrast, quite erratic.

So the question is: Are you able to walk, alone, without baggage, through the minefield of erratic, 2016 events, being neither attracted nor repulsed, into the crystalline energy of the new year?

And, if not, why? What is throwing you off-balance?

The looming threat of war between the super-powers? The caricature of a presidential election in the States? The suffering in Haiti? The ascension decisions taken by friends and family that are different from your own?

What is still triggering you? What causes you to lose your composure?

Are you getting swept up in the dramas or utilizing events that trigger you as mirrors for what needs to be dismantled in your egoic structure? Are you remaining steadfastly in your Observer—that part of you that watches events unfold—and clocking what can still throw you into process? Are you noticing what you still want to change or fix or save?

We tend to get caught up in our lives, to make all of the little, personal things important. But this is the view of the personal self. Lighten up! Remember that we are here, playing a game of experience and learning; that, when viewed through the eyes of the Universal Self, these issues are simply Maya, the illusory nature of life.

From where I sit, the next 2.5 months involves the very quiet work of introspection—being sensitive to shifts in energy, to the energetic crunches that cause reactions to arise, to being ruthlessly honest about what we still need to release.

In other words, the next 2.5 months is about acclimating ourselves to Nothingness and then, discovering what lies beyond.

Always return to what is really important for you. If your priority is your own awakening, then make optimal use of this extraordinary time. Use it to walk, alone, into Nothingness.

Guided Meditations into Nothingness

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that there are many free guided meditations in my website Library – Who Are You?Activation of Wonder, and the Sirian High Council Upgrades in Consciousness, to name only a few.

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In all of my guided meditations, I use the Sacred Voice to lead you into more profound states of consciousness than you may have heretofore experienced. The subject of the meditation makes no difference. Always, the invitation is to navigate beyond the issue into the Light.

If you find yourself getting swept up in the drama, take a few moments to remind yourself of what is really important.  All of these MP3 files are guided meditations into Nothingness.