Honoring Each Other

Lucia René

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My spiritual teacher once told his students, “if someone possesses a nice quality, don’t feel jealous. Instead, admire the quality. When you admire a quality in someone else, you bring it into yourself.”

It is obvious to me at this particular time in my life—as I move out into the world, follow my personal dharma, and give workshops for women—that it is part of my continuing spiritual evolution to admire and honor everyone I meet, no matter how challenging.

This past week, I traveled to the San Francisco bay area for three events. Each was unique and wonderful in the learning it provided, but I faced some challenges along the way.

Once I had returned home, I meditated on the trip and reviewed all of the women I had met—a variety of female archetypes. I found myself spontaneously bowing to each on the inner planes, especially to those individuals whom I perceived to be challenging. In the end, I prostrated, “placed the feet” of the entire trip on my head, and melted into Light.

It seems to me that this is what women are being asked to do as we begin to collaborate with each other more and more. As our journey progresses, we embody the Divine Mother herself and the Divine Mother contains all female archetypes. Our collaborations, and therefore our standing in our power at this pivotal time in history, will be greatly facilitated if we can simply admire and honor one another.