Time to Get Real

Lucia René

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In terms of this 2012 thing, we’re approaching the finish line. Where are you at with regard to the energetic doorway at the end of December?

– In fear?
– Procrastinating about taking responsibility for something?
– Hoping to slip through the doorway and be miraculously saved?

Let’s take stock.

Do you understand the mechanics of perception and the concept of projecting your issues onto others? If not, I offer you a mystical task:

  1. Order a copy of Leslie Temple-Thurston’s book “The Marriage of Spirit”. It is the bible of duality. It explains, in detail, perception and projection.
  2. While you’re waiting for the book to arrive, go to my free Archives page and listen to my June 8, 2010 teleconference called “The Mechanics of Perception and Processing Techniques”. It also explains these concepts.
  3. When your copy of “The Marriage of Spirit” arrives, study it.

Completing this mystical task will give you an intellectual understanding of how to take responsibility for your own reactions to situations. It will also give you insights into the current state of the world: heavy-duty projection on the part of almost every human being.

Once you understand perception, it is necessary to move beyond the intellect into the emotional body. At this stage, you’re ready to tackle a second mystical task:

  1. Find an emotional processing technique that resonates with you and begin to use it on a daily basis.
  2. Add to your processing technique the element of self-love.
  3. Add to your processing technique the element of courage.

Love is the strongest force in the universe. Applying the ointment of self-love to your processes as they arise affords you the fastest change.

Courage is essential. If you are a man, you most likely have access to only a portion of your emotional bandwidth. Have the courage to plunge in, risk feeling ‘feminine’, and navigate your emotional body. If you are a woman, you already have access to the full bandwidth. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and dive into the uncomfortable experiences you have accrued, living in a patriarchal society for the past 5,000 years, as a second-class citizen.

Find someone to teach you processing, someone who models self-love, and someone who models courage. Sit with them repeatedly in order to allow your awareness field to map to theirs. These role models are not better than you. They’ve just figured out something that you haven’t. We learn through exposure. We learn through repetition. You need to make your emotional processing technique, self-love, and courage a habit.

Once you’ve mastered this, you’re ready to move on to a more sophisticated form of “vibratory” processing; you’re ready to tackle past-life tendencies; you’re ready to reconcile more subtle polarities such as masculine/feminine, inner/outer, and spirit/matter.

The important thing, at this juncture, is to stop beating around the bush and be ruthlessly honest with yourself: Throughout your life, you have made the choices you have made; those choices have brought you to where you are now; your higher Self—that part of your being that formulates and executes a soul’s blueprint for your evolution—has directed those choices; and it’s perfect.

You MUST believe that.

To believe anything less is to pretend to be a victim. Just drop it. Drop being a victim and take full responsibility for where you are. Now. In this moment.

The fact that we have 2 months before the 2012 doorway is irrelevant. There is no time. It’s only the mind that buys into the concept of time, that projects itself into the future in order to plan, worry, and scheme, that has been convinced—during a patriarchal era that worships reason—that it is something more than a logical tool.

Turn and honor the poor mind for its attempts to serve you. Look at the mind, with self-love, and keep looking until the mind gently comes to rest. Then muster the courage to move into action.

Not action in the outer world. Not fighting the Patriarchy or railing against the state of the collective or complaining about how challenged you feel. Rather, move into action on the inner planes. Assess, with honesty, where you are at then set to work—with diligence, patience, and perseverance.

You are capable of doing this. You choose to incarnate at this time, on this planet, because you sought a challenge, you wanted to have your back up against the wall, you asked for fast-track evolution.

So use the accelerated energies of November and December to get ruthlessly honest, deepen your experience, drop into the moment and realize that—in this very moment—you can, quite literally, do anything.

Rama, my spiritual teacher in this and other lives, once said: “You don’t really know who you are until you take a spiritual fall then get up again. At that moment—the moment you get up—THAT’S who you are.”

If you have fallen down—if you are sitting on the couch waiting it out, cowering in the corner fearing the next blow, playing the victim, lacking motivation, feeling confusion—just stand up.

Stand up. Do an assessment. Identify the next step. Then take it. That’s really all there is to it.

So let’s get real. What is the next step you need to take?