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New Earth Conversations – 05/25/20

This is, bar none, Lucia’s best interview ever. It ranges from highly graphic discussions about emotional processing, to the announcement that the earth has actualized 9D as of the June 2020 Solstice. As Lucia’s closest student, Elizabeth Wood, the interviewer, is an insider to Lucia’s work and her Enlightenment process. Her questions are insightful and they result in an interview that is intimate, fun, and touching. (1.5 hours)

The Power of Inner Connection – 10/11/19

An interview with telesummit host, Julia Griffin, where Lucia gives an overview of the role women played throughout the Patriarchy and where we find ourselves today.
Power of Inner Connection (40 min)

Rama Meditation Society – 10/29/17

Rama was Lucia’s mystical teacher in this and other lives. This interview was done with Rama’s sangha (past and present) in mind. It was hosted by the Rama Meditation Society website that provides all of Rama’s mp3 files free of charge. If you are a fan of Rama’s teachings, you don’t want to skip this one.
Rama Meditation Society (1 hr 24 min)

Boundless Spirit – 03/15/17

Charlene Springer is an excellent interviewer with a smooth, flowing style.  Lucia speaks with her about the experiment in consciousness on planet Earth, the various interferences that we have encountered as the experiment has progressed, and what we can expect this year.
05/15/17 – Boundless Spirit (1 hr 3 min)

Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic – 06/11/16

Lucia has a fascinating and often technical conversation with Lance White, famed & gifted psychic healer, author, and adept practitioner of question triggered channeling, about multidimensionality, how to access and stabilize dimensions in your awareness field, and the mechanics of receiving a multi-dimensional boost during a Transmission of Light.
06/11/16 – Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic (1 hr 1 min)

What Do You Really Want? Interview – 05/24/16

Three interviewers compare notes with Lucia about the “final choice point of humanity” to ascend or not, exiting the Matrix, experiences of Oneness with the Earth, and much more.  A fascinating conversation with three extremely astute talk show hosts. Pay special attention to Chris Hales, the male host from Australia, who has found a way, as a man, to practice emotional processing.  Lovely!
05/24/16 What do you really want? (1 hr 42 min)

Abha Banerjee Interview – 03/07/16

A very perceptive Indian interviewer, who lives in Indonesia, has a fascinating discussion with Lucia about women & men in her part of the world, the 5,000-year Patriarchy, and the escalating energies of 2016.
03/07/16 Abha Indonesian Interview (1 hr 4 min)

The Power of Inner Connection – 05/11/15

An interview with telesummit host, Julia Griffin, where they discuss the dance between male and female energy, stripping away patriarchal gender conditioning, navigating the physical embodiment in a spiritually savvy way, and more.
05/11/15 Julia Griffin Interview (45 min)

The Power of Inner Connection – 07/21/14

An interview with telesummit host, Julia Griffin, where they discuss rebalancing male and female energy, living from the heart, the sacred voice, how listening to it helps people move into alternate dimensions, and more.
07/21/14 Julia Griffin Interview (45 min)

A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic – 03/15/14

An interview with one of Lucia’s favorite talk-show hosts, Lance White. Lucia discusses her work, the Sirian High Council, and her upcoming Activation of Wonder teleconference.
03/15/14 Fireside Chat (52 min)


2012 & 2013

Lucia did no interviews in 2012 or 2013 but her free public teleconferences during this time period can be found on our Past Teleconferences page.


Living in the NOW – 07/18/11

Lucia’s interview with Kimberly Jaeger, a very spiritually astute radio host. A powerful call that rallies listeners to participate 100% in the ascension process as we enter the 2011 summer of change.
07/18/11 Living in the NOW (2 hrs 1 min)

Align, Shine and Prosper – 06/08/11

An interview that focuses on 2011 as the eleventh hour of the ascension and how we can optimize the time between now and the end of 2012.
06/08/11 Align, Shine and Prosper (1 hr 3 min)

Inner Speak Soul Adventures – 05/31/11

Interview that covers a variety of topics with radio host/lightworker Jean Adrienne.
05/31/11 Jean Adrienne Interview (1 hr 21 min)

Living in the NOW – 05/10/11

Lucia talks about power and balance at the end of this age, gives an interesting description of her workshop, Women Standing in Their Power, and, at the end, engages in a special discussion for lightworkers.
05/10/11 Living in the NOW (2 hrs)

Project Avalon – 03/23/11

A video interview that focuses on male conditioning. (Please note that the Facebook group referenced in this interview is no longer available.)

Paradan on BlogTalk Radio – 02/24/11

A fascinating 1/2 hour interview where Lucia gives a thumb nail sketch of Unplugging the Patriarchy, describes the matrilineal female archetype of the Tantric Lover and how it was fractured into the patriarchal wife/whore, and speaks about changing outer circumstances by processing oneself.
02/24/11 Paradan

A Fireside Chat with a Zany Mystic – 01/29/11

In her interview with Lance White, Lucia shares “gossip” about the Global Elite then chats about world affairs and various spiritual topics.
01/29/11 Fireside Chat

Eye of the Seer – 11/24/10

A male interviewer who is knowledgeable about Buddhism and curious about tantric mysticism.
11/24/10 Eye of the Seer

Streetwise Spirituality – 11/19/10

An interview peppered with questions about spiritual practice.
11/19/10 Streetwise Spirituality

Biz Talk  Waking Up Series – 10/29/10

A very sweet interview, with an easy-to-understand description of the progression of energies over the next two years, and an interesting discussion about business and jobs.
10/29/10 Biz Talk

Paradan – 09/30/10

This show ended abruptly after 35 minutes due to technical difficulties, but it was a lovely interview focused on the role of women today.
09/30/10 Paradan

Live from the Universe – 09/07/10

An interesting interview that covers more esoteric topics.
09/07/10 Live from the Universe

A Fireside Chat with the Zany Mystic – 09/04/10

An interview with a very astute and balanced male radio host.
09/04/10 Fireside Chat

Feminine Mojo – 08/31/10

A female interviewer, aligned with Lucia’s message, asks insightful questions.
08/31/10 Feminine Mojo

Snap Out of It – 08/03/10

An inspiring call for women to stand in their power.
08/03/10 Snap Out of It

Summer of Self Love Teleseries – 07/10/10

This series was entitled The Herstory of the History: Feminine and Masculine Powers.
07/10/10 Summer of Self Love

InnerSpeak Soul Adventures Radio – 07/05/10

07/05/10 InnerSpeak Soul Adventures

Conscious Media Network – 07/01/10

07/01/10 Conscious Media Network (audio only)
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Highly Evolved Actualized Living – 05/19/10

A male interviewer with a focus on the role of men at this pivotal time in history.
Click here to listen to the full interview.

Freedawn Radio – 05/12/10

An interview that focuses on women’s issues.
05/12/10 Freedawn Radio

Writers’ Voices with Monica & Caroline – 04/30/10

Includes questions about how Unplugging the Patriarchy was written and Lucia reading 2 excerpts from the book.
04/30/10 Writers’ Voices Part 1 (31 min)
04/30/10 Writers’ Voices Part 2 (29 min)

Road to Wellness – 04/29/10

04/29/10 Road to Wellness

A Fresh Start – 05/15/10

05/15/10 A Fresh Start

Women on the Edge of Evolution – 04/14/10

This was the interview that prompted Lucia’s book, Unplugging the Patriarchy, to really take off. The teleseminar was attended by thousands of women all over the word.  It is electric.
04/14/10  Women on the Edge of Evolution

World Changing Wisdom Teleseminar – 03/23/10

03/23/10 World Changing Wisdom

Full Power Living – 03/18/10

03/18/10 Full Power Living

Inside Personal Growth – 03/12/10

03/12/10 Inside Personal Growth

Conscious Healing Radio – 03/10/10

03/10/10 Conscious Healing Radio

Vivid Life Radio – 03/10/10

03/10/10 Vivid Life Radio

Conscious Talk – 03/08/10

03/08/10 Conscious Talk Radio



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