Operation “Clean Sweep”

Lucia René

I’ve received lots of feedback from people who have attuned their internal Schumann Resonance to the point of highest Schumann Resonance on the earth (Ascension Game Changer YouTube) and those who have exited the Matrix (Exit & Unplug the Matrix YouTube).  

Many of you have passed on good info and posed question about other possible sources of interference to our human configuration.  So I’ve done some research and some dowsing. I’ve been watching YouTubes and reading new books. I’ve been busy seeing what resonants and what destabilizes my embodiment.  And, frankly, I’ve gotten a little overwhelmed.  Until this morning’s meditation.

There is a really easy way for us to unnamed solve this grandiose problem of interference, implants, and general mucking about with the original human configuration.  I’m hosting a grandiose guided meditation and calling it Operation Clean Sweep.

On June 5, I’m going to facilitate a guided meditation to remove, clear, and completely eradicate all vestiges of non-beneficial energies that we’ve acquired since the experiment in consciousness began. We’re going to completely reboot to our original configuration.

And, while we’re at it, we’re going to consolidate all of the experience, wisdom, and evolution we’ve acquired on our journey up until this point. We’re going to completely own who we are and call online our highest potential.

And we’re going to do it by by-passing all of our guides and any benevolent beings in the universe keen to assist.  We’re going straight to Prime Creator—the Source.

Why not? It’s time. Are you game?

For details on how to join this call, please visit our Teleconferences page.