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The Getting Serious page is for those who are—well—getting serious about embracing Lucia’s body of work. If you are reading this, then we assume that you’ve read Unplugging the Patriarchy, tapped the free Library, and perhaps purchased a couple of Introductory MP3 Packages. And, now, you’re ready to move a little closer into Lucia’s field.

Moving closer in, of course, means that you are ready to accelerate your spiritual growth. So the first question becomes, “Do you have a daily meditation practice and a processing technique?

Lucia is not a meditation teacher, per se, but, on her free Meditation Instruction page she offers some helpful hints for getting started. And, there are many guided meditations on her website which can help you learn how to navigate into more expanded, refined states of consciousness. Archived guided meditations may be found in our free Library.

With regard to processing, she suggests that men listen to her free Mechanics of Perception & Processing mp3, read The Marriage of Spirit, then hang out with women who have an emotional processing technique in order to learn how to navigate the emotional body.

For women, there’s lots of material on the website, because, during her public teaching career, Lucia worked mostly with women. Her Mechanics of Perception & Processing MP3 merits several listens. And reading The Marriage of Spirit is a must. Then, to augment your intellectual understanding of the subject, Lucia suggests you learn an emotional processing technique that enables you to navigate your emotional body.

Suffering is a feature of human embodiment, popularized during the Patriarchy, but it is possible to end it if you have the proper tools and know how to utilize the fast-paced New-Paradigm energies—the 2 things Lucia most stresses on her website.


Lucia’s website is rather like a mystical puzzle. By picking up each puzzle piece, working with it, and allowing it to integrate, you can transform your life.


Puzzle piece #1 is reading Lucia’s book Unplugging the Patriarchy.






Somewhere along the way, be sure to pick up the Ancient Templates of Wisdom–puzzle piece #2.




Lucia’s DVD, Women Standing in Their Power work-study is puzzle piece #3. It is an in-depth, hands-on investigation into female conditioning. So first you unplug from the Patriarchy, then you unplug from the female conditioning that accumulated during the Patriarchy.




Emotional processing, puzzle piece #4, is an absolute must. Having a good, solid processing technique–one that allows you, not just to dip into your emotional baggage, but to expertly navigate your emotional processes. In her 3-part processing work study course, Lucia combines a number of different techniques she learned and encases them in a mystical approach. Thousands of people have changed their lives by learning her processing technique.


Women Standing vibratory processing – puzzle piece #5






No Woman Left Behind guided meditations – puzzle piece #6




Recapitulation – puzzle piece #7



Work-study course  Master Class in Mysticism

puzzle piece #8





Divine Feminine–The Re-Emergence






Lucia also offers an advanced tool called the 12D Processor, an engineered device that helps you accomplish things in alternate dimensions. Once installed, it can be configured to help you accomplish whatever you would like to achieve more efficiently.


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