Women Standing


Women Standing Processing Module

This work-study course is for those who would like to enhance their emotional processing skills and gain the ability to work at a more vibratory level.

The course is based on a teleconference series called Women Standing in which Lucia worked through personal issues with women—many of whom had attended her Mystical Counsel teleconference series to learn emotional processing.   By listening to the 20 hours of recordings, here are some of the things you’ll gain access to:

  • A review of emotional processing techniques
  • Exposure to a more advanced form of vibratory or energetic processing
  • Numerous processing short-cuts
  • How to do a high-level systems analysis of the polarities in your egoic structure
  • A wealth of mystical wisdom that is peppered throughout the sessions

Sampling Women Standing

Audio-SymbolTo get a taste of the Women Standing sessions, we invite you to listen to these short audio clips:

  • For a comparison of Mystical Counsel and Women Standing Work-Studies, please click here (2 min).
  • For a more detailed discourse on some of the techniques explored in Women Standing, click here (18 min).

TestimonialsTestimonial SS-177428234 Gold Ribbon

  • “Lucia’s processing technique combines kindness and acceptance with a clear focus. This technique is so empowering as you can tackle anything that is happening right now and clear it. In Women Standing, Lucia’s ability to tune in on the issue and the combined intent and witnessing of the group, allows for great shifts to occur very quickly; not only for the person who brought up the issue but for everyone who participates in the process. It is interesting that time and space is not affected as listening to the recordings afterwards has been just as powerful.” -Ute, New Zealand
  • “I have truly enjoyed the Woman Standing calls. I learned a lot and expanded because of them. The women who stepped forward to process were very brave and I realize that Lucia set the tone so that they could take those risks…” -Chris, Ontario Canada
  • “Having a safe space where you can let go of your self-importance and feel supported in figuring out the tricks your mind plays is such a huge gift. Listening to other people process their triggers is really valuable because it brings up things that are on the edge of your own consciousness and focuses light on them, so that you process yourself at the same time. Witnessing that process has kick-started my own processing to the point where it’s a part of everyday mindfulness.” -Terry, Australia

Getting Started

The work-study is available for $55 and includes 20 hours of audio files.

Women Standing Work-Study
Women Standing Work-Study
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Price: $55.00


If you know at this juncture that you would like to complete the last 2 modules of Lucia’s Processing Work-Study Course, you can purchase Women Standing, in conjunction with No Woman Left Behind, for $80 (purchased separately $110; a savings of $30).

2-Module Special - Women Standing & No Woman Left Behind
2-Module Special - Women Standing & No Woman Left Behind
After PayPal purchase, expect an automated email with your audio links.
Price: $80.00