Surrender Your Ego!

Lucia René

What exactly happened on the December 2018 Solstice?

Friends have called it a “non-event” or “highly personal”.

It was the same for me. My experience was quite personal and, at the moment of the Solstice, I saw absolutely nothing about the energies.

But let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Imagine this: You have a frigid sea in which big chunks of ice are floating. Suppose you want to get rid of the ice. How would you do it? Would you organize crews to start chipping away with iron picks? Would you send in boats with machinery that could break the chunks up?

Or, would you heat up the frigid water?  After all, ice is water in solid form, no?  So, if you heat up the water, the ice melts. This solution is elegant in its simplicity.

And that’s a pretty good analogy for what transpired on the recent December Solstice…

The Divine Mother,
with the agreement of Mother Earth,
activated full-blown formlessness on the planet.
Formlessness is now “heating up”.
And will continue to do so until
all of the chunks of rigid form have been dissolved.


Let’s drill down into form and formlessness a bit…

We’re incarnate on a game board called planet Earth and that game includes duality. That means polar opposites.

There are many lenses through which our current world situation may be viewed. We have, for example, factions that perceive a war between good/evil. A battle between Light/dark. An agenda to support the evolution of consciousness versus one that represses it.

If there is any emotional spin on one of these views, if there is any fixation on one side of the polarity or the other, this individual is receiving schooling in duality.

Then, we have the perception that we are all playing a game where the purpose is to experience, evolve, and enjoy the passing scenery. And once we’re done playing, we can move on to something else. Perhaps a good rest before returning to Earth for another incarnation. Or subscribing to another game of consciousness in the multiverse. Or heading back to Source, because we are done taking incarnation to experience ourselves as Source.

When life is viewed from this perspective, it indicates that the above polar opposites have been reconciled and one is approaching graduation from the game.

Since the 21st of December, the vast majority of humans on the planet—humans who are heavily fixated in duality and, therefore, experience life as a chunk of rigid form—find themselves awash in formless energy. And, the forward march of formlessness will continue. The formlessness that was activated on the Solstice will increase and increase and eventually be fully grounded into the Earth’s consciousness. And into our experience of day-to-day life.

So, what’s a girl to do?  Despite your best efforts to hold it together, your egoic structure is dissolving via association with increased formlessness. Along with your belief systems. Your polarized adherence to Light over dark. Your idea that you are a victim. Your control issues… The list goes on and on. It’s a big problem for anyone on the planet who is not already formless. And the more attached you are to keeping the rigid structure of your egoic form in tact, the greater your distress.

From where I sit, you have two choices:

  • Surrender to the process of dissolution and intend to use whatever tools you have in your spiritual tool chest to facilitate the process as efficiently as possible.
  • Resist the process of dissolution and, as they say in Terminator II, “Hasta luego, baby”. Which translates as, “see you later”. And, in the movie, that phrase was generally used when someone was about to be sent to the other side.

So, if I am right about this formlessness business, people either have to make their peace with a melting ego or they’ll eventually be checking out. Those are the only two ways I am aware of to achieve formlessness.

That means, if you stick around, your ego is history. That means that you need to learn to assume the posture of Resist Nothing. Everything that is arising in consciousness—every thought you think, every emotion you feel, every exterior experience you create, every negative reaction—is only seeking one thing: Your attention. It’s saying, “Look at me. I’m rigid and uncomfortable. I want to change. I want to melt and become formless.” And what will your response be? To resist? To run away? Or to welcome the experience and begin to work with it?

The formlessness underfoot is not going away.  2019 is not going to be “easier” than last year. You’re not going to be cut any slack and there aren’t any magic pills. The practice of self-inquiry is the only sensible approach, my friends.

It’s not only sensible, it’s a huge boon for those on a conscious spiritual journey. It gives you an excellent incentive to transmute your being! This unrelenting formlessness puts your back up against the wall and forces compliance.

Here’s a bit of reassurance. Remember this:

  • As an incarnate human, you are an emanation of Source and, as such, you are pure consciousness. Which is, by definition, formless.
  • An emotional/mental process resulting from a reaction is nothing more than consciousness under pressure. Similar to a chunk of ice.
  • Egoic structure is created when you run an emotional/mental process through your system countless times, resulting in consciousness under extreme pressure, i.e., extreme form. An iceberg.
  • Release the pressure that molds all of that consciousness into rigid form, and it becomes pure consciousness again. A beautiful, temperate sea of formless consciousness.

Utilize the formless energies to help you. Make friends with formlessness. Become curious about formlessness. Ask Source to help you acclimate and use formlessness to your benefit.

It’s really not that hard. All you have to do is surrender your ego.


For an elaboration on the current state of affairs, join me for (or listen to the replay of) my upcoming teleconference. For complete details, please visit our Teleconferences page.