Incoming Light

Lucia René

In the very near future, we’ll experience an unprecedented rise of Light. The volume of Light on the planet is about to radically increase. This will destabilize most people. You’ll need to be very focused and aware in order to “keep your footing” and not get swept away.


Imagine that you’re at the ocean and a tsunami wave hits the coast. This is where we’ve been for the last 4 years–dealing with the tsunami. At the end of 2018, I gave a teleconference entitled Divine Feminine Game Point where I predicted a tsunami of energies that would escalate more and more, forcing people to change. Since then, those of us who are aware, were shown what to change, then given the time to manifest new behavior.

Once the force of the tsunami dissipates, however, the water begins to recede. That’s where we are now. With the 2023 June Solstice, all of that water begins to return to the ocean. That means that the outward bound pull is going to be very strong. And we no longer have the grace of time.

If you’re not prepared for what’s coming, if you’re not interfacing with those of like-mind, if you haven’t yet learned the spiritual basics, life is about to get very tough.

Now, the transition into New Earth begins in earnest. And some of us will be acting as “Pillars of Light”. We’re the ones who are here to hold things steady. Perhaps you fall into that category?

This tsunami analogy is not to scare you. In my world–the world of mysticism–one never indulges in fear. We process fear and move forward. We are aware of what’s coming and take action accordingly.

There’s a lovely Rudyard Kipling poem that begins and ends with:

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.”

This is a time to commit and take your spiritual work seriously. My recommendation is actually just that:

Find the spiritual mentor you most resonate with and devote yourself to dedicated study over the next year. Focus your attention, don’t dissipate it. Moving your attention from one spiritual offering to another puts you in a situation where you’re touching on too many energies.

Zoom in. Focus. Commit.

You are a Creator Being. And you are more than capable of benefiting from the times ahead.