Periodically, Lucia does teleconferences for the benefit of the collective. She has brought back online Ancient Templates of Wisdom previously lost to humanity, provided upgrades in consciousness, and done activations.

You are cordially invited to access these special teleconferences—all free—and to experience the results for yourself.


The Ancient Templates of Wisdom

Snowflake2-150x150By far, the most popular empowerment Lucia has ever given, occurred back in 2011.  Since then, thousands of people around the world have received the Ancient Templates of Wisdom and, in turn, disseminated them to others.
Ancient Templates of Wisdom


The Game Board of Your Life

If your aim is to truly become a multi-dimensional being, you need to experience this guided mediation where Lucia takes you through the energy of all 12 dimensions.
The Game Board of Your Life


Exit the Matrix

matrixThis is an important empowerment because it helps you dismantle your chakra system, an overlay on the original human design.  It consists of 3 YouTubes: Ascension Game Changer, Exit & Unplug the Matrix, and Operation Clean Sweep, all released in the spring of 2016.
Exit the Matrix


Upgrades in Consciousness

Empowerment Upgrade in ConsciousnessThis empowerment is delivered in two ultra-powerful guided meditations, compliments of the Sirian High Council.
Upgrades in Consciousness



Worldwide Transmissions of Light

Transmission of Light Sunrise Over Earth CroppedLucia has hosted numerous Transmissions of Light teleconferences, attended by people across the globe. Each is an empowerment in and of itself.
Transmissions of Light


Additional Empowerments

We also hope you’ll enjoy these additional empowerments…

Reformatting Your Relationship with the Earth

Empowerment Reformat Relationship with EarthIn this teleconference, Lucia facilitates a remarkable empowerment where she shares the intricate relationship we have with the Earth and how to connect with her in this new paradigm. Lucia’s guided meditation fractures all past misconceptions of separation with the Earth to expose the inherent and multifaceted connection we have with her.
07/11/15 Reformatting Your Relationship with the Earth
 (1 hr 18 min)


Who Are You?

In this teleconference, through storytelling and guided meditation, Lucia takes you on a journey to release an identity. By working with this material, you can gain knowledge about the identities you hold and learn the mechanics of how to drop them.
6/21/14 Who Are You? (1 hr 12 min)


Activation of Wonder

Empowerment Activation of Wonder CropIn this empowering call with the Sirian High Council, Lucia leads a stellar guided meditation through the imprint of wonder. In a group activation, Lucia and the Council bring the imprint of wonder online in each person’s individual consciousness. 
03/30/14 Activation of Wonder (1hr 4 min)


Pocket Empowerment: Back Into Balance

Empowerment Back into Balance SS 77145352 Med ResLucia released this short audio so you could download it to your iPod or computer. If you are having a rough day, take a few minutes to listen in order to come back into balance. At the beginning, there is a brief alignment mediation, then a Transmission of Light.
Pocket Empowerment: Back Into Balance (6 min)