Acclimating to Formlessness

Lucia René

It is impossible for the mind to understand what is going on at this moment on an energetic level. We are only able to live through it.

All archetypes and identities we have used in the past want to be laid to rest. What remains of our egoic structure is asking to be dissolved. Indeed, our entire database of experience, from this and past lives, can be invited to disintegrate.

Blog Acclimating to FormlessnessIt is as though we are inside a slow-motion blender. Everything in our lives is swirling, churning, changing, and spiraling. And that is at it should be. There is no problem with this. Unless you resist.

For this will be remembered as the time of the great flux—a time when we acclimate to formlessness.

For my part, I have put down my sword. The warrior archetype that served me for many lifetimes is laid to rest. And now, I am being asked to dissolve my spiritual mentor archetype.

I have, therefore, cancelled all remaining 2016 events, with the exception of my Vilcabamba Vortex of Change Retreat, which appears, when I gaze at it in the distance, as a pristine bubble of transformation for those of us who attend. Most likely, my spiritual mentor will re-emerge in the future, but in what form, who can say?

As you move through your own great flux, consider making your moment-to-moment mantra “resist nothing”.  And please know that I wish you all of the best as you acclimate to formlessness.

Finally, I provide some links below that you may find helpful…


Blog Acclimating to FormlessnessAcclimating to Formlessness free audio Blog:  I recently met with a small group and shared my observations about the current energies.  I invite you to tune in for 20 minutes of info.



Who Are You? free Empowerment:   Back in 2014, I did an empowerment called “Who Are You?”, a guided meditation that can help you drop an identity.



12 Female ArchetypesWomen & Patriarchy Package for $8:  We have released this new audio Package. One of the 2 audios goes through the 12 limiting female archetypes from the Patriarchy and the other addresses the identity of the Stoic Maiden—very relevant for women at this time.


WomenStandingWomen Standing in Their Power DVD on sale for $80:  This powerful 3-hour DVD enumerates the 12 female archetypes handed down from the Matrilineal Era that were fractured, polarized, and corrupted during the Patriarchy and discusses how this threw the masculine/feminine energies within each of us out of balance.