Coping with Chaos

Lucia René

Can you feel the undercurrent of chaos rising around the globe? It’s there, whether you are perceiving it with your conscious or unconscious mind. And it’s affecting all of us. 

Chaos is a vibration. One we all have to contend with at this stage of the planet’s development. 

It is not the planet herself who is in chaos. She’s not broadcasting this vibration. Her vibration is continually cycling up and up. Becoming more refined. More expansive.

No, the problem is not the planet. The problem—the underlying problem—is the reaction to the planet. The reaction to more and more refinement.

All of the craziness in today’s world is being generated by people who are refusing to sync up with the earth under their feet. Those who are resisting the ongoing refinement of their being.

Everyone is psychic. To some degree or other. It depends upon how much of your psychic ability was programmed out of you by your parents, role models, schools, cultures, and religions. How much work you’ve done to bring it back online. But everyone is psychic and everyone is feeling what is happening all around us.

Those of us on a spiritual path are more sensitive. We’re more aware of vibration. We have more tools to deal with uncomfortable vibrations.

So the game becomes one of balance. How do you balance the inner stillness of your own field—the field you work hard to cultivate through meditation and emotional processing? How do you reconcile that with these outer, chaotic times? With human suffering? With inflation? With the fear most people feel about the future? 

Because we are picking it up all of the time. Those vibrations are always on the cusp of our awareness field. And they cause our awareness field to jangle when the outer fears ping our corresponding inner fears.

The old adage, “May you live in interesting times” seems almost flippant at this stage. We are way beyond interesting! We are on a roller coaster that has completed its initial upward climb, sitting at the top of that steep slope, looking down, thinking “why did I buy a ticket for this ride?”

But we did. We all bought a ticket to be here at this time. We are all Creator Beings. We are not only creating our own realities, but collectively co-creating the destiny of the world. So best to recognize your “Victim” when it raises its head, process it, and get on with figuring out a strategy…

How do you achieve balance as a way of coping with chaos? How do you maintain balance day by day? When you fall out of balance, how do you make it a temporary fall, get back on your feet, and stay inspired? 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how inspired are you? And how are you doing with this all-important issue of balance?



On my October 12th teleconference, we’ll drill down into how to cope with chaos. If this is an area you’d like to explore, please visit our Teleconferences page.