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Meditation is the only time of the day we turn our attention inward, away from the movement of the world, to seek the stillness—that which we really are. We are not the movement of the 3D movie. We are the screen on which the movie plays.

Dropping into the still silence of the screen benefits us in so many ways: clarity, perspective, tranquility, humility. And in today’s crazy world, we need, more than ever, a daily meditation practice in order to remain balanced.

After 50 years of meditating, Lucia is an expert at guiding people into places in consciousness they’ve never been. And she uses the Sacred Voice to help you focus and acclimate to more refined dimensions.

Lucia’s 3 meditation series are:

Chakras & Mantras ($22) – A 4-audio bundle for beginning and intermediate meditators that focus on building a solid practice using 3 chakras and 2 mantras.

Dimensions & Formlessness ($22) – A 5-audio bundle for intermediate and advanced meditators that helps you acclimate to formlessness and explore all 12 dimensions.

Mystical Tips & Techniques ($22) – A 5-audio bundle appropriate for any level of meditator that explores the mystical realms and provides numerous useful techniques.

Or, you can purchase all 3 with a discount at the bottom of this page…


These are all Lucia’s hand-picked meditations, given over many years, edited, modernized, and broken into segments:

  • Most include an introductory talk before the meditation
  • All contain a guided meditation
  • Many have a Q&A afterwards where people discuss their experiences

Listen to all of the segments, identify your favorite meditations, copy them to one of your devices, then easily return to the meditation segment again and again.


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  • “Your Chakra meditation series is a lovely experience and an ever-deepening resource.  Its culmination, revisiting the heart centre, done with such impeccable humility, is profound.” -Duncan, UK
  • “All of these chakra meditations have helped strengthen my core and insight.  More clarity, more stillness, and much gratitude.” -Catherine, New York
  • “Your Dimensions meditation series helped me to access a much quieter space, and, perhaps for the first time, to experience Light-filled realms.” -Susanne, Germany
  • “Your Dimensions meditation series has helped me cultivate a beautiful refinement in my life.” -Mary, Ireland
  • “The Mysticism techniques are priceless! I apply them to my life now in all sorts of situations.” Debra, Oregon


Series 1: Chakras & Mantras

The goal of classic meditation is to still your mind, that which perceives the moving images of the movie. And, with time, practice, and patience, to stop your thoughts.

For many years, after we begin meditating, we don’t really practice meditation. We practice concentration. The idea is this: if you learn to concentrate so one-pointedly that you can maintain absolute focus, you can then move beyond concentration. Into meditation. Absorption. Samadhi.

In our busy world, with its unending array of spiritual offerings on the Internet, we are often introduced to meditation as something we do while walking, lying down, or listening to music. These may be interesting forms of being present while in activity or slowing down to relax. But they are not meditation.

In this series, Lucia reviews the basics of classic meditation, adds a few 21st Century twists, and provides a robust understanding of how to set up, then vary, your meditation practice, in order to get the most out of your daily practice.

She covers 3 chakras/dantian centers and 2 mantras. The series includes 4 meditations:

  • Navel Center & relationship to Mother Earth’s power
  • Heart Center, the home of unconditional love
  • Third-Eye & the art of merging with the Void
  • “Building Meditation Muscle”, where you practice moving attention rapidly then melting into stillness

If you want to overhaul your ideas on meditation and establish a solid practice, this series is for you.

Meditation Series 1: Chakras & Mantras
Meditation Series 1: Chakras & Mantras
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Price: $22.00

(Please note that these meditations were offered as a public teleconference series in early 2022.)


Series 2: Dimensions & Formlessness

This series contains meditations for intermediate and advanced practitioners.

It begins with a technical “workout” that Lucia calls Practicing Formlessness, where she puts you through your paces, and challenges you to move your attention in various ways. In this guided meditation, you will be synchronizing with the Earth’s newly-claimed formless state, a must for making a seamless transition into New Earth.

Lucia then shifts gears and focuses on cultivating multi-dimensionality. By way of an introduction, she tells the saga of her journey, acclimating, integrating, and actualizing all 12 dimensions available on the planet. This 2018 teleconference is actually available in Lucia’s free Library, so if you’d like a taste test, read Lucia’s short blog entitled The Game Board of Your Life, then listen to The Game Board of Your Life teleconference.

After the introduction, the nitty-gritty work unfolds in 4 intense meditations:

  • Journey to the 7th Dimension – where the ego begins to burn away
  • Journey to the 8th Dimension – where you grapple with the death of the ego
  • Journey to the 9th Dimension – where, beyond ego, you can experience unconditional love
  • Journey to the 10th, 11th, & 12th Dimensions – where you get more and more acclimated to the Absolute, that which is immovable

Each has an introductory talk where Lucia preps you for what is to come. Then, the range of experiences expressed in the Q&A sessions, is varied, and helps you further acclimate to each dimensional shift you have experienced during the meditation.

If you’re ready for the ultimate meditation challenge, and want a set of meditations you can return to again and again, in order to gage your evolutionary progress, jump into this series.

Meditation Series 2: Dimensions & Formlessness
Meditation Series 2: Dimensions & Formlessness
After PayPal purchase, expect an automated email with your audio links.
Price: $22.00

(Please note that these meditations were available on YouTube in 2020. But Practicing Formlessness was never made public.)


Series 3: Mystical Tips & Techniques

This last guided meditation series has a mystical tone.

It provides training in how to scan your awareness field for intruders on the inner planes and how to jump-start Carlos Castaneda’s practice of “using death as your advisor”.  Death is always just over your left shoulder. Recognizing that, remaining aware of that, helps us to be present and to use our time wisely.

The other Castaneda concept included in this series is “shifting your assemblage point”. The assemblage point is the point in your field where your awareness, or your view of reality, assembles. If we are holding a limiting identity (such as mother, healer, engineer) we view the world through that lens. Why limit yourself? Consciousness is infinite. Better to liberate your assemblage point so it is free-floating.

Mystics love the art of recapitulation. Tremendous power can be gained through recapitulating. Certainly, taking on a life recapitulation is worthwhile, but you can also recapitulate a given time period, such as birthday to birthday, end of a relationship, equinox to solstice. The possibilities for this meditation are endless.

Finally, in order to practice mysticism, you need to have a sharp attention. If there are blockages or emotional triggers in your way, they need to be dismantled. Developing a razor-sharp awareness, having the discipline to hold it on something unflinchingly, and cultivating discernment—these things are key.

This series includes five meditations:

  • Quiet the mind & move your attention to the point of pure perception
  • Navigate an emotional trigger
  • Scan your awareness field, identify your inner judge & confront your death
  • Release a limiting identity (shift your assemblage point)
  • Recapitulate experiences & move forward with greater power

Are you ready to add a few mystical tips and techniques to your spiritual tool chest?

Meditation Series 3: Mystical Tips & Techniques
Meditation Series 3: Mystical Tips & Techniques
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Price: $22.00


Purchase All 3 Series at a Discount

Buy all 3 meditation bundles, priced at $22 each, for $50 (a savings of $16).

All 3 Meditation Series
All 3 Meditation Series
After PayPal purchase, expect an automated email with your audio links.
Price: $50.00