September Chaotic Node

Lucia René

You have probably tapped into the predictions for September. Perhaps you’ve read blogs like Tom Kenyon’s June 21 channeling where the Hathors say:

“…You are now entering, from our perspective, a massive Chaotic Node
the likes of which your planet has not seen for some time. If unmitigated,
this Chaotic Node could result in the mass extinction of multitudinous life
forms including many humans…”

How does reading this make you feel?

If it causes a fear-based process to arise, it may inspire you to finally get a copy of Leslie Temple-Thurston’s book, The Marriage of Spirit, and study how the unconscious mind activates polarities, held within your egoic structure, that cause you to get triggered.

For my part, reading the Hathor message catapults me into ecstasy. Not because people may die but because the Earth may finally reconcile the damage done to her body.

This next month is invaluable for all of us. Our backs are up against the wall. No room to wiggle. No one to listen to whining. Time to get real and firmly planted in the moment.

So how do you prepare for September?

You can’t really. Except to consolidate your power and move totally into the moment. There is no last-minute cramming for the exam. You only need to accept that you ARE prepared. You’ve done the spiritual work you’ve done. You’ve acquired the skill sets you have acquired. You’ve made the choices you’ve made. You are in the right place at the right time.

Truthfully, we are out of time. And I mean that on multiple levels.

There are only a few common-sense suggestions you may want to consider…

  1. Recapitulate your life. There is enormous power in recapitulation. Recapitulate the spiritual work you’ve done, the skill sets you’ve acquired, and the choices you’ve made. Consolidate. Relax. And move completely into the present moment.
  2. Stop thinking and talking about the past (except, of course, when you recapitulate your life). Whenever you reference the past, you are moving your attention back to a point in linear time when you were less evolved than you are now. Cut out all references to the past. Move completely into the present moment.
  3. Stop thinking and talking about the future. The mind is a logical tool. Use it to create tomorrow’s shopping list, but stop projecting the mind into the future, wasting cycles on predicting what will happen, worrying about what will happen, making contingencies for what will happen. Move completely into the present moment.
  4. Meditate everyday in order to withdraw your senses from the outer world, focus on your inner still point, and remember what is really important.
  5. Use your processing technique to reconcile whatever triggers you.
  6. Always follow your intuition.
  7. Remember that you choose to be in incarnation at this time.
  8. Walk on the Earth barefoot everyday.
  9. Drink plenty of pure water.
  10. Breath deeply of the air.
  11. And, if you haven’t already, stop watching television.

That’s about it, really. All little tricks to help us move completely into the present moment.

Oh, and one other thing. I recently discovered this 9-minute YouTube called NASA Song of Earth. I listen to it a little every day. It reminds me of how perfectly the experiment in consciousness, in which we are all participating, is unfolding. Perhaps it will help you relax into the moment.